Normal Yorker~2
We were surprised no one had mentioned that this week’s New Yorker is the annual Cartoon issue, but Chris Mautner has a nice rundown of its contents. The item of interest to most (and one that is not online) is a four-page strip by Robert, Aline, and Sophie Crumb, but among the Internet-accessible features, this quiz attempting to analyze especially inscrutable cartoons may be the most valuable:
081103 Dontget 3

(a) The cowboy just realized the terrible faux pas he made earlier by calling the Native Americans “Indians.”

(b) The cowboys’ enemies are lighting the arrows in order to burn down the nearby rocks and cactus.

(c) The enemies are lighting their arrows, but, for the cartoon to make sense, the men should have been in a fort or some other structure that can actually burn down.

(d) These cowboys are spying on Native Americans who are attacking some other cowboys, in a faraway fort.


  1. I actually got 5 out of 5 right on that quiz! Even though the cowboy cartoon is the only one I really actually understood.