200811180249In our web trawls, we happened to run across this quote from Sean Connery, star of a well known spy movie franchise, an Indiana Jones film and THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING. You’ll recall that Connery retired from film after his last outing in 2003, the rather dreadful LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. Why did the burly Scotsman pull the plug on his distinguished acting career?

“The time has come because of my rather unfortunate last movie. The cost to me in terms of frustration and avoiding going to jail for murder cannot have continued.”

Once again, that was Sean Connery speaking, and not Alan Moore, or, indeed anyone who actually sat through the movie, although murder may have crossed their minds, as well. Although the dismal, life-sapping artifact of the film itself was bad enough, it was Connery’s brawling fistfights with director Stephen Norrington, that really put him over the edge. Norrington has, likewise, never been near a film set again, and for that we can only thank Sir Sean.


  1. that’s funny. From what I understand, Connery helped monkey around with James Robinson’s script, which likely didn’t help matters any.

  2. Not that bad? Man alive, talk about disfunctional marriage of discourse to subject matter. Why in the world would someone try and make Victorian high adventure look like the Matrix?

    I hope that Ol’ Sir Sean will grace the screen again sometime in the future with, at the very least, some memorable supporting roles. As for Norrington, I’ve no problem with his working on Blade-type subject matter, but anything that doesn’t involve fight scenes in nightclubs should be kept out of his reach.