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The IRON MAN 2 guide to fashion and diet


With IRON MAN 2 blasting out with the fifth biggest opening in movie history — it’s sure to take over our lives like a big spreading fungus. Looking to it as a guide for life, one can only look to Mickey Rourke, who plays the villain Whiplash, as a fashion icon, as shown on Vulture with a slideshow of his looks over the ages.

And as for diet, Gwyneth Paltrow shows us the way to look like she does, with a diet of a tablespoon of chicken for lunch and a halved almond sliver between meals to quash the munchies before tucking in to a hearty dinner of a handful of kale. The diet regime is augmented by four hour runs through volcanic rock flats while being chased by a rhino. It is simple to look like a celebrity!

  1. I wonder why Paltrow put herself through such a grueling routine when it doesn’t seem like there was any need for it. Was there some mandate that she needed to be able to slip through a sewer drain grate?

  2. I like the way the Rourke photo is cropped on the main page. It makes it look like his date is wearing an eye patch.

  3. I calculated the calories in the day’s worth of food that Gwyneth posted, and it comes to approximately 1400 calories. It’s not as much as you should eat if, say, you’re a woman who’s trying to lose about 10 pounds and is very active– that’s 1700 calories — but it’s not far off, and my calculations were approximate. I’m close to Gwyneth Paltrow’s size (she’s taller than I am), I don’t have an eating disorder, and I eat somewhere around 1500 calories a day (though more now, since I’m feeding the kid, too). People are acting like she was starving herself to get thin, but it’s not THAT bad.

  4. Jen — 1400, really??? That seems high to me, but I agree it’s a normal amount of food for a woman her age. I think it was all the “a dash — AND ONLY A DASH! — of olive oil” warnings that make it look so dire.

    I saw this as someone whose intern just offered her two oatmeal cookies and took them. ONLY A DASH.

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