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The history of Image and more


While we were out of it, we should have just posted this single link which should have kept everyone busy for a whole day: Part Six of Jay Allen Sanford ‘s lavishly illustrated history of comics in San Diego. In this episode:

1 – The Birth of Image Comics

2 – Pacific Comics: The inside story of a legendary local comic book company (including a history of indie comics and the Creator’s Rights revolution)

3 – RIP Dave Stevens, famous former neighbor who created the Rocketeer

4 – Don’t Fear the Funnies: A history of censorship in comics

5 – The New Kids On The Block VS Revolutionary Comics – illustrated by Superman/Supergirl artist Stuart Immonen

Sanford was the publisher of Rock and Roll comics back in the day, and he has a pretty ground-level view, even if some would dispute parts of it. Well worth a thorough read.

  1. This is fascinating; I started reading this article last night and couldn’t stop. San Diego Reader, I blame you for my 2am bedtime.

  2. He even made mention of me and my Deposit Man book buried somewhere in those articles.

    I’m a bona fide former San Diego resident comic book celebrity all thanks to Jay!



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