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THE HERO TRADE #1 is a Bad Idea surprise release by Lapham, Kindt

The publisher has sent this "special, limited promo release" to its network of destination stores.


The Hero Trade #1 is a new surprise-release comic from Bad Idea, written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by David Lapham, and it’s been mailed to the publisher’s network of destination stores to go on sale tomorrow.

Bad Idea — which for those who have forgotten is a non-conventional publisher foregoing things like digital releases and usual routes of distribution — described the book as a “special, limited promo release” in press materials on Tuesday. It also didn’t share a traditional press-friendly description of the book, although presumably for anyone who is interested, the top-tier creative team will speak for itself.

Below you can find the snippets of pages from The Hero Trade #1 that Bad Idea did send out, along with the book’s cover. Lapham’s gritty black-and-white crime cartooning is in evidence, which means that I for one will be picking this up, owing to the fact that I also happen to live in easy biking distance of a Bad Idea destination store…

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