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The first trailer for BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE has arrived


Starring Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in their iconic voice-acting roles, here is our first look at DC Animation’s adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke.

The film will premiere this July at SDCC and carries an R-rating.


  1. Steve Flack wrote: “Was this animated at 6 frames a second? It looks terrible.”

    The sequences set in Arkham do seem uneven compared to the rest of the trailer; other parts seem fine to me.

    Some are making a big deal about the R rating but remember that the ultraviolent Turok, Son of Stone was released Unrated, so this is not without precedence.

  2. The design and animation just isn’t doing it for me. Looks really cheap. The only videos from this series that work for me are the ones that maintain the Bruce Timm look and feel (“Superman: Doomsday” and “Justice League: Gods and Monsters”).

  3. Who is the audience for these horrible direct to video cartoons? People who love seeing great comics turned into shit cartoons?

  4. Yup, those sure are lines Moore wrote in the comic. Now the faces move and stuff.

    I still can’t believe this crappy comic (Moore’s least favorite of his career) has become such a popular staple. The Clayface story Moore wrote for that Batman Annual was better than this. Gotta be Brian Bolland (who has no reflection in the cartoon, natch.)

  5. The difference between the style and detail of the animation vs Brian Bolland’s original pages is like the difference between Gary Leach and Chuck Beckham on Marvelman.

  6. Although I haven’t read a very large amount of batman comics, I read the Killing Joke when I was thirteen.. This batman comic specifically, left a visual imprint on my memory and altered my perception of comics forever. The Killing Joke is far more dark and twisted then the average DC or Marvel comic. This is attributed to the creative genius of Alan Moore, a god to the comic industry and to the incredible artwork by Brian Bollard.

    The adaption of this EXTREMELY dark batman story to the theaters is a new direction. As exemplified by DeadPool from Marvel, DC is trying to put more fan based and dark stories to the theaters. However I believe they are doing this specifically because

    1. They know its gonna make a ridiciouslous amount of money regardless because its a fairly high budget superhero movie and because Batman already has a very large fan base.

    2. To combat Batman’s decreasing popularity after the lack of good batman movies after Christopher Nolan ended his masterpiece trilogy,

    3. To combat the profits of other entertainment monopolies such as Disney or Marvel.

    Overall I think this has so much potential to be an awesome movie. A new darker version of batman over the already past darkened Christopher Nolan versions is a new experimental feat. The Joker is perhaps one of the most iconic villain’s in all of fiction and will continue to be. Does anyone think this movie adaptation will be a triumphing success or a devastating defeat to the batman entertainment industry? Is it a good idea by DC to garner the loyal fan base rather than making it a universal batman movie?

  7. Saw the movie, terrible animation for a story that is supposed to ‘pay homage’ to one of the greatest super hero sequential stories in the past 35 years THANK GOD I DID NOT PAY TO SEE THE MOVIE.

    The animation is soo bad, it just shows what consumers ‘comic book’ collectors are, as they are willing to for out money for a brand name, instead of pay attention to the actual QUALITY of the product.

    Here is another example of how ‘Americans’/consumers love to spend their money w/out thinking :

    I unfortunately recommended to folks to read the Killing Joke, but now I have to go back and make sure to add that they should avoid the movie…. BWAAH-BWAAA, oh well… Comics Suck Now.

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