I knew that the first Ryan Coogler-directed Marvel movie would look cool, but I didn’t expect it to look THIS cool.

I’ll get out of the way and let it speak for itself…

Sweet tunes, Michael B. Jordan looking fierce as hell, and Wakanda coming to life right before our eyes. I couldn’t have asked for more in less than two minutes. Great way to start the weekend!

Black Panther hits theaters next February. Not soon enough.


  1. I want this thing to be amazing, but it’s gonna need some humor. The reason Ross worked as a POV character in Priest’s run is that all the other characters were stuffy and inscrutable, and Ross essentially “translated” them for the reader. If we don’t get such a character in the film, then we’ll essentially have something as bland as Thor.

  2. Autocratic despot ruler rules technological/economic powerhouse sharing nothing with its neighbours who suffer dire poverty and only black Africans welcome.

    Yet black panther is a spot on representation of the modern African ruler.

  3. I’ve heard Donald Trump compared to an African ruler. Except that only white Americans are welcome in Trump’s America.

  4. I liked it. I thought it looked good. But then most MCU trailers look good even though the resulting film usually defaults to formula. Hope this is one of the exceptions.

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