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The Final Eagle Awards have Landed


By ‘UK Correspondent’ Steve Morris

The last-ever Eagle Awards have just concluded here in good ol’ Blighty (that means Britain), with the ceremony due to switch names over to “The MCM Awards” in 2013. End of an era, awards-fans! In lieu of us not liveblogging the awards ceremony Oscars-style (complete with a drinking game in which you have to down a pint every time Scott Snyder wins something), here is the complete list of winners:

Best Newcomer (writer): Jeff Lemire

Best Newcomer (artist): Francesco Francavilla

Best Writer: Scott Snyder

Best Artist (pencils): J.H. Williams III

Best Artist (inks): Scott Williams

Best Writer/Artist: Frank Miller

Best Fully-Painted Artwork: Alex Ross

Best Colourist: Dave Stewart

Best Letterer: Richard Starkings

Best Editor: Karen Berger

Best Publisher: DC/Vertigo

Best Full-Colour US Comic: Batman

Best Black/White US Comic: The Walking Dead

Best Full-Colour British Comic: Dr Who Magazine (!)

Best Black/White British Comic: Viz

Best New Comic: Batman

Best Manga: 20th Century Boys

Best European Comic Book: Dylan Dog

Best Web-Based Comic: Freakangels

Best Single Story: Dr Who #12

Best Story Arc: ‘No Way Out’, The Walking Dead

Best Cover: Batwoman #1 by JH Williams III

Best Original Graphic Novel: Batman: Noel

Best Reprint Compilation: Thor by Walt Simonson

Best Comics-Related Book: Supergods by Grant Morrison

Best Comics Movie/TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Best Comic Book Website: Bleeding Cool (boooooooooooo!!)

Best Comics-Related Magazine: DC Comics Superhero Collection

Roll of Honour: Frank Quitely

Huntsman Challenge Award: The Time of Reflection

So as you can see, winning an Eagle Award is mostly predicated on your ability to have “Bat” as a prefix in the title of your comic. 2000AD, Marvel, IDW and Dark Horse probably won’t be too pleased with the results, and your favourite website Comics Beat sadly was not in contention this year. But it’s interesting to note that Frank Miller still won the best Writer/Artist award, despite the somewhat controversial nature of his recent work Holy Terror, and the power of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead series.

What do you think of the results? A good reflection on the current status of the comics industry?


  1. I think much of it was as to be expected, although it’s hyper-cool to see Doctor Who, Freakangels, and Simonson’s Thor all represented.

    So the final Eagle awards, and the first BleedingCool awards, eh? Strange times.

  2. I’m not given to hyperbole, but I would rather cut myself, deep, than watch The Big Bang Theory. (My son thinks its hysterical, either that or he knows it makes me grind my teeth.)

    Some of the selections here seem a little dated, too: Freakangels was great, but hasn’t it been done for a while? And Vertigo is a shadow of what it once was.

  3. The Big Bang Theory? Seriously? The rest of the awards seemed to make sense. But f*** whoever voted for that piece of s***. F*** them in the a** with a******’s t******.

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