Anne Ishii has a hilarious write-up on last nights Aline Koominsky Crumb and R. Crumb summit at the Library:

Anyway, the Crumbs’ conversation was as much about their bizarre lifestyle as it was about their mobius strip of paper that is the art they create. Really fascinating stuff…until almost two hours into the night’s event when peoples’ questions started to get really lame and mis-guided.

“This next question is for Robert…”
“Robert, how are your brothers?”
“How’s your band, Robert?”

I’m sorry, did no one see the ginormous screen announcing Aline’s book?

Well, it’s only fair I guess, to want to ask him all the questions, as I’m sure Aline knew would happen. But most people seemed to need to validate their sense of normative lifestyles by asking super-contrived questions with inevitable answers. Whereas the reality of the Crumbs’ lifestyles really isn’t one that lends itself to any “normative” and pat description.

[Photo from PW Daily, set at the Strand.]