I had a shot at writing another character I’m fond of, which obviously didn’t happen or it wouldn’t be on the “disappointment” list. I was asked to pitch a story in late 2010, then asked for an outline which I sent in October, 2010. Cue crickets chirping. I follow up. Editor apologizes, says he’s swamped, will be in touch next week. Cut to calendar pages falling. Slowly, then more quickly. Days. weeks, months. I was extremely sick for the first two months of this year, flat on my back a lot and not getting a lot done. When I got better a lot of work dropped in my lap, so, I didn’t pursue this, I figured it was dead. In March I get an e-mail from the editor apologizing for not getting back to me and asking about when we could discuss the outline. I e-mail him back. Calendar pages fall, slowly, then faster. Some time later the editor calls me up to ask about a different project. Comics! Crazy!

Via Evan Dorkin’s end of year post, which in happier notes, reveals his 2012 projects — New BEASTS OF BURDEN, woot.


It slipped through the solicitation cracks, but the third Beasts of Burden story Jill Thompson and I did for Dark Horse Presents will be running in DHP #8, shipping in February. Honest and for true. Readers and retailers didn’t know this when they ordered, so, I hope those that want a copy get a copy. It’s a good story.

We’re working on a new illustration for Mad. The rough’s due Monday! I should be drawing that instead of typing this. Kind of thing I have to confront in the new year. Discipline. Focus. Wo — ooh, a kitty!

I scripted a 3-page bit for an upcoming Bongo project and am writing a 4-pg Bart Simpson story. Soon.

As announced recently, I’m doing 24 pages of Dork-style humor comics for Dark Horse Presents, starting in March with issue #10. Already finished a 2-page Milk and Cheese strip and a 6-page Murder Family strip, currently finishing up 6 pages of Fun Strips, then two Milk and Cheese one-pagers. The third batch will be Milk and Cheese and an Eltingville strip. All in color (via Sarah) for a lot of dimes.

I’m also working on something else, which I think folks will be glad to hear.

Also, the above BILL & TED collection cover.