On our periodic forays to Bergen Street Comics we’ve been watching the new Barclays Center go up a few blocks away, so it’s good to know that
comics-loving Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez knows where to get his books:

Lopez smiled and headed to Bergen Street Comics, where the NBA star and superhero junkie dropped $75 after an in-depth conversation about “The Rocketeer.” “He was pretty knowledgeable,” an impressed worker at the shop said. Comics in hand, Lopez headed to hipster hot-dog joint Bark with his brother Alex and Nets execs.

That’s exactly where we go after a trip to Bergen Street! This Lopez guy knows his stuff.


  1. Brooke’s twin brother Robin has shopped at All About Books and Comics in Phoenix since the Suns drafted him four years ago, and from talking to them I can confirm that both brothers (and older bro Alex) are very knowledgeable about comics. Not just superheroes, either — Brooke and Robin are serious Disney fans, and can discuss Carl Barks and Don Rosa with the best of them, and Robin is a big Walt Kelly fan too. Totally smart, nice guys, all of them — and, since all three are seven feet tall, it’s a hoot to watch customer reaction the times when all three have been in the store together.

  2. Brook comes into Midtown Times Square every now and then… big fan of the Nets, so I hope he’ll still make the trip sometime!

  3. Both brothers shop all over the place. But still have their savers back home at Heroes Comics in Fresno,CA.And yes, both are very well rounded in comic knowledge.