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THE BOYS are Dynamite!


Word going around everywhere that THE BOYS, the controversial book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, will be coming out from Dynamite.

You’ll recall that the first six issues of the book were published by DC/Wildstorm before concerns over the contents — including a hamster crawling from a deadman’s ass — caused DC to cease publication.

The book had numerous suitors bying to become its next publisher — sales were high and Ennis and Robertson are proven creators– but Nick Barucci’s Dynamite Entertainment has come up the winner.

Barucci sent out the following comment:

The easy thing to say here is the “Boys are Back” so I’ll get that out of the way at the start. Now, I’ve know both Garth and Darick for well over a decade, so not only was I honored that Dynamite was even in the running to provide a new home for The Boys, but when both Garth and Darick decided to actually work with Dynamite to not only continue, but collect the existing material, I became beyond ecstatic. In addition to Garth and Darick, I would like to thank DC Comics and the guys at Wildstorm who helped to make the transition a smooth one for Garth, Darick and ourselves. I also want to thank the fans who so vocally made their support known over the last few weeks and I ask them to stay tuned for news on the continuation. I promise it will be worth the wait, as Garth and Darick continue to deliver their vision of The Boys.

Waiting in the wings are a trade collection of the first six issues, and the already completed 7th issue. According to sources close to the negotiations, they will be appearing very, very soon.

  1. For those of us who don’t receive comps… I’m annoyed that it’s going to be Dynamite. I hope they can find a way to fight the urge to publish the book with 8 different covers every month. If they can’t, I just might not bother buying it anymore.

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