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The best of Hourly Comics Day


Yesterday was hourly comics day, John Campbell’s deviation of the 24 hour comic concept originally founded by Scott McCloud, which is a Ronseal sort of deal with participants producing a comic every hour. Most people tend to plump for  a narration of what’s taken place in their lives over the hour just passed, which I think is pretty brave: if I did that, it would just consist of me eating, reading and writing. I guess that’s what differentiates artists though- their ability to eke something interesting from the most banal of material. Here’s a round-up of my favourites for this year- click through to the links to see the full set of comics.

Let me know of any other great ones I’ve missed out on!

Edward Ross:

Sandra D Rivas:

Brain Fukushima:

Dan Berry’s great watercolours:

Emily Carroll:

Rob Davis:


Joe Decie:

Geneva Hodgson:


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