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The Beat’s Weekly Toy Review & Preview!


By: Nicholas Eskey

Welcome back to another exciting episode of “The Beat’s Weekly Toy Review & Preview! We have a humdinger of an episode today kids, as a lot of collectible figures have been announced recently. Since I couldn’t narrow my favorites down to a short list, be prepared for a longer than usual post.

Without further suspense, here are the toys:

You all know that you’re going to see that oh so cutesy The Secret Life of Pets movie when it comes out midsummer. Well, luckily for you Funko, purveyor of funs toys such as their own POP! series, will come out with a line of vinyl figures to enjoy the movie well in advance. Get to know pets such as Max (the energetic Jack Russell Terrier, Chloe (the Tabby cat), Duke (the mutt), Snowball (the mischievous Bunny), and Gidget (the silly Pomeranian). All will be coming in June, a month before the movie does.

Max (the Jack Russel Terrier)
Chloe (the Tabby)
Duke (the mutt)
Gidget (the Pomeranian)

As for another movie and toy tie-in, I’m excited to talk about the Funko POP! vinyls for the much anticipated nerd fest that is the Warcraft feature film. Collect characters such as the human Lothar, King Llane, as well as the orcs Duratan, Orgrim, and Garona. The Dorbz toy line will also be coming out with their own version of each character. Just look how happy they can be! Both the POP! and Dorbz toys will be releasing in April.

King Llane

Speaking of Dorbz, soon a cartoon classic (and favorite of mine) Scooby-Doo! will be chasing clues and Scooby Snacks to store shelves. The whole gang will be there; Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Vilma, and even a few masked baddies such as the Werewolf and the Witchdoctor. You’ll even have a chance to see Fred driving the Mystery Machine as a part of the Dorbz Ridez line. Scooby, Shaggy, and the Werewolf will be coming out this June, where the rest of the gang will be coming sometime this Summer.

Fred and Mystery Machine

As for the biggest announcement of the week, we have an exciting line of toys to celebrate the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Mattel, the well known company behind such beloved toys like Hot Wheels, Barbie, and my all time favorite View Master, has recently fought their way against the forces of evil to bring these superhero toys to store shelves.  Now you can own the ever so handsome Superman (the son of Krypton), the brooding Batman (or “Batfleck”), and the wonderful Wonder Woman (the real Amazon princess). Before you even let the thought form, there will be a crossover with the ever-so famous Barbie line of dolls. The toy line by Mattel has come out with is every boy’s, girl’s, and collector’s dream. Check them out below:

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman figures: Each come alive with sounds, lights, voice phrases, and five points of articulation. SRP $29.99 each.
Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman DXL: 12″ highly detailed figures with 20 points of articulation. Each comes with a piece that will form a themed replica weapon. $19.99 each.
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman action figures: 6″ with 9 points of articulation. More in line with the traditional playing action figures. SRP $9.99 each.
Superman, Batman, & Lex Luthor Action Figure 3 Pack: 6″ authentic movie inspired figures with multiple points of articulation. SRP $24.99
Batman Voice Changer Helmet: Features light up eyes and push button sounds and phrases. Activate the integrated voice changer to make yourself sound like Batman from the film. SRP $29.99
Batman Cowl Mask: Kid-sized mask for role-play. SRP $7.99
Batman Kryptonite Strike Blaster: Powered by BOOMco technology, this movie-inspired blaster includes 5″ Kryptonite darts. SRP $14.99
Barbie line Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman: Each fully articulate character based off the movie actors are highly detailed and posable. SRP $39.95
Hot Wheels Batman v Superman: Ever wondered how super heroes would look like in car form? Our three heroes will be featured transformed as a Hot Wheel. SRP $3.99 each

This week’s announcement will definitely our collective piggy-banks, so my best advice is to plan according (and maybe sell a kidney or two). Thanks for tuning in to another exciting installment of The Beat’s Toy Review/Preview. Anticipate another glorious article next week!


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