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The Beat’s 2020 Webcomic Gift Guide

Follow these recommendations to gift the perfect webcomic to your loved ones.


The holiday season has arrived, and that means plenty of social pressure to give some gifts. However, 2020 has been a rough year, and gifts are expensive. But… what if there were a way to share the priceless gift of comics that was also easy on the pocketbook? Enter The Beat’s Webcomic Gift Guide!

With this handy guide to some of the comics that are available for free online, you’ll be able to fill your sack with a webcomic recommendation for everyone on your nice and naughty lists, respectively. And best yet, sharing their hard work is one of the nicest gifts you can give to a cartoonist – so really spread that holiday cheer around, all over everything. Get that cheer everywhere!

Plus: we’ve gone ahead and provided fill-in-the-blank holiday cards you can copy and paste directly into the SEND box of your neglected chat conversations with friends or family members. Happy holidays, one and all!

For the Twitter Addicted

 Behind the GIFs by AC Stuart and Kat Swenski

To:                   .

Re: Holiday

I saw this comic, Behind the GIFs by AC Stuart and Kat Swenski, and immediately thought of you (since you have not communicated with me using anything but GIFs since                   )! I hope you are having a great holiday social media handle season.


For the Video Game Player

All I want for Xmas is [INAPPROPRIATE FOR PRINT].

Mage and Demon Queen by Color_LES

Dear                   ,

Because you are such a huge fan of video games, I think you might be interested in Mage and Demon Queen by Color_LES. In particular, I think you may like                  , the character who shares your                     kink.



For the Romance Lover 

Where’s my Xmas eve date?!

True Beauty by Yanogyi

Dearest                   ,

I think you might be interested in True Beauty by Yanogyi, a story about Jugyeon’s navigation of the complicated world of appearances and the effect social media has on our lives. Plus, Jugyeon’s awkward restaurant dates remind me of that time your embarrassed yourself in front of                at the                 restaurant.



Circuits and Veins by Jem Yoshioka

Dear                    ,

Because of your crush on that robot                    , I thought of you when I was reading Circuits and Veins by Jem Yoshioka. All of the virtual pets remind me of your favorite virtual                              !

Away from Keyboard,


For the Romantic Comedian

MGNB’s Pikachu shirt is even better than his Santa hat!

 My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by fishball

Dear                   ,

Happy holidays! I think you would enjoy My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by fishball, because it is just like your favorite holiday romantic comedy,                 , except My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is actually funny.



All I want for Xmas is a universal donor.

Fangs by Sarah Andersen 

Beloved                    ,

Have you had a chance to read Fangs by Sarah Andersen yet? I think you would really enjoy it! It is about two monsters dating each other, which reminds me of you and your ex,                   .



For the Gourmet (and the Gourmand)

Peace on Earth, and goodwill toward Mothmen.

Gourmet Hound by Robyn (a.k.a. Leehama)

Dear                   ,

Get out your cryptid sweaters, because I have found the secret ingredient to a perfect holiday season! It’s Gourmet Hound by Robyn (a.k.a. Leehama). Best of all, you can read it on your cell phone, so it will keep you entertained while you are hiding in your                       to avoid family dinner.



Important tips for cooking holiday meals.

Just Pancakes by HadeToons (Adrian, Maggie, and David)

Dear                  ,

Hope your holiday season is going well! I found the perfect thing for your shopping list: Just Pancakes by HadeToons! It is about wizard brothers who run a restaurant (but may not be the best chefs). It reminds me of the time you tried to cook            but ended up        ing the                .

Bottoms up!


For the Demonologist

The cheetah-print parka is at the top of my wish list.

Hellbound by Seth Smith

Dearest                    ,

I know that if there’s one thing you really want for Xmas, it’s a hot-as-hell demon boyfriend. That’s why I think you’d enjoy Hellbound by Seth Smith. Plus, the little demon guy reminds me of your pet                    .

Nothing but Love,


Boyfriend of the Dead by Ushio

Dearest                   , 

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will read some webcomics – and I don’t know if you’ve looked outside lately, but hell is definitely full! I recommend starting with Boyfriend of the Dead by Ushio. And remember: the best way to dispatch a zombie is                    !

Stay scared,


For the Ghost Hunter

Wait, is it after midnight? Don’t feed Gizmo!

A Boy and his Ghost by Rubin Pingk

Dear                    ,

Since it is tradition for some people to be visited by ghosts on Xmas, I though you might be interested in A Boy and his Ghost by Rubin Pingk. It reminds me of that time we summoned the ghost using the                    .

Stay Spooky,


For the Nature Lover

The Gift of the Krumpus!

Love, Joolz by Jules Rivera

Dear                  ,

I know you have spent a lot of time with your garden this year, and that’s why I think you’d love Love, Joolz by Jules Rivera. It even has tips about how to keep your                                            plants                    . And when you get done you can read her work on Mark Trail!

Sincerest holiday wishes,


For the Hanukkah Vampire Hunter

Benny fries vamps like latkes!

Benny Beck: Vampire Killer by Gregory Paul Silber and Jonah Newman

Dearest                    ,

Are you looking for a comic that will keep you entertained through eight nights straight? I can’t recommend Benny Beck: Vampire Killer by Gregory Paul Silber and Jonah Newman enough! It reminds me of that time those vampires ate our            !



For the Cat Lover

No, YOU’RE crying.

A Christmas Mittaines by Cynthia Sonier

Dear                    ,

I know there is nothing you love more than cats, Christmas, and                    , which is why I want to introduce you to A Christmas Mittaines. In this sweet comic – presented on Tapas in both English and French – the cat Mittaines plays the role of Scrooge (just like you did for the 20XX holiday)!

Hope you are visited by some ghosts,


But you’ve always been the caretaker, cat…

Lackadaisy by Tracy J Butler 

Dearest                    ,

I know there is nothing you love more than cats, secret watering holes, and              , which is why I want to introduce you to Lackadaisy by Tracy J Butler. Because it is set in a speakeasy, it is the perfect comic to enjoy with your favorite holiday beverage,                   .

Have one for me!


For the Magic Enthusiast

Sometimes holidays mean complicated family time!

Muted by Miranda Mundt 

Dear                    ,

I heard that you have been dabbling in the supernatural this year! Maybe you would be interested in reading Muted by Miranda Mundt. It is about a family of witches in New Orleans, and reminds me of that                    spell you cast last spring!

Good luck at the crossroads,


Lovespells by Ryan and Sage

Dear                    ,

I know you are looking for an adorable magical romance, and I think Lovespells by Ryan and Sage would be just perfect for you! I know we could all use a little more magic (and a little less                    ).

Enjoy your spellcasting,


All I want for Xmas is ME!

Axed by Shren Patel and Emi MG

Dearest                    , 

Since you have been searching for a job, I thought you might like the career-hunting antics of Axed by Shren Patel and Emi MG. It is about a protagonist whose only marketable skill is swinging an ax, just like your only marketable skill is                    .

Please don’t ask me for another letter of recommendation,


Still not enough free comics?! Check out The Beat’s “Free Comics” tag for even more comics you can read now for zero cost! And please have a safe and responsible holiday season.

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