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The Beat’s 10th Anniversary special: The top 15 posts of the decade

Art by James Killian Spratt’s

As we continue our 10th anniversary SPECTACULAR here at the Beat, I thought it would be fun to look back at the top posts since 2010. (I don’t have stats for the first five years but I can pretty much guarantee they were all about Alan Moore.)


  1. Funny X-men Sex Videos (2011)
  2. Frank Frazetta 1928-2010 (2010)
  3. The Strange Case of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, As Told By Grant Morrison (2012)
  4. Scott Lobdell: I Apologize to Mari Naomi (2013)
  5. Wonder Woman and Superman Have Some Sex(2012)
  6. Comics have hit puberty…and it’s not pretty (2013)
  7. Archie drops the Comics Code…Wertham dead forever
  8. End of an era: Tokyopop shutting down US publishing division (2011)
  9. Matt Fraction Says Iron Man 3 is as Big as The Avengers! (2012)
  10. SAGA #12 banned due to gay sex scenes
  11. New York Comic-Con 2013: creepy camera crews, Arizona’s big cans, and harassment (2013)
  12. The wild, all-naked JOHN CARTER comic Disney does not want you to see (NSFW) (2012)
  13. Hollywood mystery: Who is trying to kill Pacific Rim? (2013)
  14. Marvel layoffs: The cheapskate is coming from inside the House of Ideas! (2011)
  15. 90s club kid version of Quicksilver from Days of Future Past revealed (2014)

I’m happy to see posts by writers other than The Beat on this list—Laura Sneddon, Steve Morris and Hannah Means-Shannon all charted.

Is there anything to be gleaned from this? In my decade of blogging I have learned that there are a few topics pretty much guaranteed to get traffic:

1: Sex. But as I learned to my dismay, Google AdSense doesn’t like sex. Despite what Google thinks, I never ran adult content, only a few headlines, like Steve Morris’s brilliant “Wonder Woman and Superman Have Some Sex.”

2: Alan Moore. Or people who don’t like Alan Moore. That said, with his increased availability and the number of websites that write about him every day, we’re getting a bit overexposed on this.

3: Gender issues. Sort of an offshoot of #1, but not quite the same. Despite my best attempts not to be pigeonholed as a “Writer about women,” I have to admit, some of my best, most passionate writing is on this subject, hence the two longer posts about comics and its gender issues here.

4: News. Like I always say “news makes views”  and actual breaking news will always get an eyeball or two.

I don’t use keyword searches or SEO for post titles, just what amuses me. Once in a while, it clicks.


  1. Most of the links work. Four are broken. Mousing over #6, 10, 11, and 13, I only see “http:/”, and nothing else.

  2. Another of my favorites at The Beat in recent years was the series about Miracleman – “The Poisoned Chalice” by Pádraig Ó Méalóid.

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