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The Art of Jaime Hernandez due in April


And we cannot wait!! Written by Todd Hignite, the book contains an intro by Alison Bechdel.

In 1981 three Mexican-American brothers self-published their first comic book, Love and Rockets, and “changed American cartooning forever” according to Publishers Weekly. More than twenty-five years later,
it is still being published to critical and commercial success.

Jaime Hernandez’s moving stories chronicle the lives of some of the most memorable and fully formed characters the comics world has ever seen. His female protagonists, masterfully delineated with humor, candor, and breathtaking realism, come to life within California’s Latino culture and punk milieu.

In April 2006, Hernandez began serializing his work in the New York Times Magazine—all of which is collected in The Art of Jaime Hernandez in full color. One of the greatest artists to ever work in comics, Hernandez has opened his archives for the first time, revealing never-before-seen sketches, childhood drawings, and unpublished art from throughout his career, alongside his most famous Love and Rockets material.

  1. This should be fantastic. Jamie apparently has such total control of his craft it while be great to get a look at his process.

  2. Jaime is one of the greatest cartoonists ever. He’s been so good for so long he gets taken for granted (as does is brother Gilbert).

    So I hope this book makes many, many people take another look at Jaime’s comics.

    The fact that it’s written by Todd Hignite is big plus: Todd’s Comic Art magazine was stellar, as was his book In the Studio. Unlike a lot of comics critics, he knows how to talk about art, and not just stories (in fact he knows that the art and stories are intimately tied together.)

  3. Wow, same author as “In The Studio” + one of the most talented comics artists ever, ever? Fun fun, I am all over this book. I am lucky enough to own a pair of Jaime original drawings of Maggie.

    When I met the Hernandez Brothers at a long-ago Pittsburgh Con, they were set up right next to me & Joe. In the moment after meeting these idols of mine, whose work I discovered in college, I went to sit down at our table & the chair broke underneath me, sending me ass over head into the wall.

    Jaime graciously helped me to my feet as I wanted to die. both of them were super cool.

    Joe consoled me later by saying the whole thing sounded just like something that would have happened to Maggie.

  4. My copy just arrived; so excited. On first exam this is a really beautiful book – full colour & much larger format than I was expecting. A real must for any comix (or Jaime) fan.

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