The 99, and Teshkeel publishing, the Arab-themed comics line, will be on the PBS documentary series FRONTLINE tonight, according to a letter from Teshkeel’s Naif Al-Mutawa:

About year ago, an award winning filmmaker, Isaac Solotaroff ( began following the development of THE 99. Recently, he came to Kuwait to talk about the growth of our superheroes and then followed us to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt where the library celebrated the unveiling of Baqi, the Egyptian addition to THE 99 superheroes.

A small part of Solotaroff’s documentary of THE 99 will preview nationally in the United States this Tuesday at 9PM on PBS’s top rated news magazine, FRONTLINE. (I’m told it’ll be in the last quarter of the program.) This is likely a defining moment for us. And while we like to think everyone views THE 99 as we do, we have yet to see any of what will be broadcast.

So, with the hope you will join me in viewing FRONTLINE, please keep your fingers in a crescent (or crossed, if you will) in hopes that our American critics see us as the rest of the world already has.


  1. interesting show. a lot to comment on. but, unfortunately, the comic book was the last part of the show. like a throw-away bit. there was not that much coverage about some of the real issues with a muslim comic about a religion that divided more of the conservatives’ opinions on it. interesting to see mccrea on the show though.