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Telltale to produce Walking Dead and Fables video games


No surprise at these licenses: Telltale Games, the innovative downloadable video game company, has signed on to produce games for both THE WALKING DEAD and FABLES, joining BACK TO THE FUTURE and JURASSIC PARK on their slate.

Telltale makes their game available as episodes, as downloaded games have become big business:

Last year, unit sales of PC games via download outstripped sales of boxed games in stores for the first time, according to research firm NPD Group. Based on Telltale’s own back-of-the napkin estimates, it believes that’s a market that could hit $3 billion by 2012.

Telltale’s games are written as a narrative or a cinematic adventure and are divided into five separate episodes. Players download a new one every four weeks for a six-month period. A season pass for a game, including all episodes, costs roughly $35.

According to SVP of marketing Steve Allison, THE WALKING DEAD could become a $20 million-$30 million franchise “if all goes well.”

Telltale has previously produced games for BONE and SAM & MAX.

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