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Tell The Beat what you want to see!


Hey….polls! As we’re an ever evolving construct here, Team Beat is standing by to give you more of what YOU want to see. Is it pictures of hunky Brit stars? Scathing industry analysis? Panels from Mort Meskin comics? YOU hold the key! You can vote in as many or as  few (gulp) categories as you want. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Sound your horn in the comments!

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  1. While many sites have taken the Wizard Guide format to industry reporting, you guys remain a solid news source that offers legitimate stories that are clearly from fans, but fans that appreciate comics as far more than a medium of presenting continuity. Keep up the good work in the New Year…you guys are one of the few places I bookmark and share stories from on a constant basis.

  2. More Marc Oliver Frisch! He’s a monster, that one! I LOVE the comments after every article he posts. People wig the Hell out; it’s awesome!

  3. Happy New Year. Is Marvel going to publish uncle scrooge, w.d.’s comics and stories, mickey mouse, and donald duck comics? The comic books haven’t been in Previews since BOOM! had the license.

  4. I didn’t know you did a podcast. Definitely pimp that more. Will have to start listening now.

    I come here for in depth comics coverage. Love to see more interviews, analysis, and coverage of books most sites forget about or just do one article on.

  5. What I most enjoy about The Beat are the features about the lineage and cultural impact of comics. I’d rather read a little trivia nugget about, say, Mort Weisinger being tasked by DC to create knock-off characters in the 1940s, rather than the box-office numbers for THE AVENGERS. The latter is interesting, too, but there are other places I can get that information.

    The history of comics is fascinating, occasionally visionary and occasionally sordid; and most comics news sites are so focused on breaking news and “scoops” that these sort of revelations — often revealed in a throwaway comment in an interview, or on a creator’s personal blog — slip right by unnoticed. The Beat does a great service by aggregating and presenting these sorts of stories, usually with a dollop of historical context.

    However The Beat proceeds in years to come, thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

  6. More creator appearance info… not just those at conventions and in New York and Los Angeles. I would have missed Hope Larson and Bryan Lee O’Malley at Meltdown in L.A. in 2008 if I hadn’t read about it here. On the other hand, I did not see any notice here about Chynna Clugston-Flores’s FCBD 2012 appearance in Tustin CA….

    Also, I want to see photos of Loo Brealey. :-)

    Keep up the excellent coverage of non-corporate comics!

  7. Hmm…how about less pics of Supergirl looking like a brainless dolt (oh wait, she’s supposed to be hot there, isn’t she?) =_=;

    –I’m addicted to the charts and breaksdowns.

  8. While I really enjoy the broader geekworld coverage here (it gives me everything that I need to know about movies, TV shows and comics that I’d probably never bother with myself), it would be great to see some more in-depth interviews/reviews of new projects and creators. More than any other site that I know of, you guys seem to be keeping a critical view on new territories for comics. I think more in-depth coverage there will lead to some great new discussions.

    The podcast is great and should be linked here each time a new one premiers. But you guys should start looking into Google hang-outs for making webinars. Hang-outs can and the visual component lacking from podcasts and be recorded and edited for playback on a youTube channel. This could give The Beat a good start on bringing the informative feel of a panel discussion away from the convention floor and to the web where we all kind find it.

  9. In the name of all that is Benedict Cumberbatch, please no top ten lists. Newsarama seems to have a Top Ten every third article they post these days, all of them formatted with ten separate pages presumably just to boost their pageview numbers.

    You can be better than this.

  10. A more serious answer is I have really enjoyed seeing new contributors to this blog. I would like to see more from all of them. My personal favorite is Marc Oliver-Frisch. I like his style of cold water in the face realism. I also enjoy the fits of rage it puts people into. ^_^

  11. Yes, more MOF.
    The irrational, incensed responses from weird, little fanmen hellbent on the protection of the New52 is a singular treat.

  12. You know what I would like to see? A quick reference page that I could visit that tells me what my favourite artists are working on right now. I don’t mean at this MINUTE, but what comic they are drawing.
    I am having a heck of a time tracking the whereabouts of Travel Foreman, for example, so I can preorder his comic(s). And what is Frank Cho drawing now? And Nick Bradshaw? (every third issue of X-Men?) I tell ya, it’s like hockey and baseball trades. Hard to keep up!

  13. You tend to ask this question right after Tom Spurgeon finishes up his holiday interview series, and I’m always hungry for more.
    I’d love to see regular, in depth, long form interviews from a wide cross section of the community.

  14. Also, I’d like to see more stuff from the ever growing art/literary/mini-comic scenes past the occasional link to a cartoonist’s website or even rarer review.
    It is here from time to time, but contributors who follow marvel/dc/image/dark horse/boom/ and similar publishers seem to be more prolific.

    More posts on the international scene, comic strips, editorial cartoons, etc would be great too!

  15. There you go Heidi, a motion given and seconded to invite the godfather of internet comic journalism to join the Beat.

    It’ll be worth it just to read his rejection response.

  16. I’d like to see Heidi share more of her experiences in the comics industry (and fandom) over the last 30-odd years. She has a long-term perspective that few can match. I say this as someone who first encountered her writing in the Comics Journal back in — gasp — 1982.

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