Announced at last weekend’s Boston Comic Com, TEENAGE SATAN is an upcoming webcomic by Stephanie Buscema, Candis Cooke, and Marsha Cooke. (The Cookes are the niece and wife, respectively, of artist Darwyn Cooke.) It involves, well, Teenage Satan coming to Earth and going to high school while surrounded by awesome mid-century lettering.

A website is already up with a video:

A media kit:


And news of an APP, a COMIC, and a GAME. Talk about a launch!

We’ve long been fans of Buscema’s delightfully retro artwork and one look at the trailer and you know this is going to be fun.

Meanwhile, the other Cooke, Darwyn, is planning his own webcomic, as he tells Brigid Alverson. The book will be an ebook first with a print version eventually:

It’s a romance. It’s a love story. Imagine two young people that love each other, but it’s so new they haven’t even told each other yet, and they find out that the world’s going to end in less than an hour. And they are 400 miles apart, and they make a deal to meet in the middle, and they each have 45 minutes to cover 400 miles to reach this spot where they meet on the weekends. It’s their story during the last hour of the world.



  1. I got myself a print at the con. Though I’m an old fuddey duddey and don’t have a smart phone. Hopefully a dead tree version of this will be out when it gets hits in the web zone arena. Kids today with their digital comics. Back in my day we had to chop down the trees for paper and kill squids for their ink.