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TCAF reports: Awesome


Judging by the joyful tweets that flowed out over the weekend, this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival was a big success. There were many reports of books selling out, and general rapture. TPSycho Duck has a typical blog post:

In summary TCAF was the most amazing convention I have ever been to. Although it’s not really a convention, I guess. It’s called a “Festival” and, really, that’s a far better word for it. Everyone’s just there to enjoy themselves, talk to each other and have fun. There was just the greatest atmosphere of happiness in there that I couldn’t help but smile. It’s truly amazing and anyone who ever has the chance to attend it really should.

Reactor has a few pics like the above of Fiona Smyth and Maurice Vellekoop. Some more pics at AkaokA’s Flickr, from whence the top image was taken.

Of course, we know what you really want to know: What did Brecht Evens get up to? Reports on the latest exploits of comics’ new “it” boy are still coming in, but Aaron Caribou reported

Actually, the best thing was when Brecht Evens was introduced to @beatonna. Ask me about it in person; it requires miming.

…so we’re sure more is to come.

  1. Hope everyone had a great time! For next year I’ve decided to not even bother trying to get past the TCAF curation committee (which feels too much like trying to be accepted by a high-school clique), save myself the table expense, and just roam the con and enjoy the show (with some extra comics in my backpack).

  2. TCAF is just an amazing event. It’s just awesome to have such a great event locally.

    Also while I have no official numbers, it seems to me that there were a LOT more people than last year. The main floor has always been crowded, but in the past the 2nd levels have been a bit sparse (at least when I’ve gone Sunday afternoon). This year it was a lot more packed just about everywhere you went. It left me wondering if the festival will need to expand out further in the Toronto Reference Library or if it will have to find a new venue (hopefully it’s expand as it’s such a great venue).

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