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Take a a look at NOBODY


Jeff Lemire’s blog previews The Nobody, his upcoming GN for Vertigo.

  1. Ah, another in the long line of characters that are wrapped in bandages and wearing goggles. I like that look. You’ve got Dr Gayle from Madman, Dr Galapagos from The Secret Voice and of course, the trailblazer, the Invisible Man.

  2. I loved Lemiere’s “Lost Dogs”, and only just recently discovered his Essex County Trilogy (can’t wait for vol 3 in October!!).

    His work is amazingly insightful. There is underlying depth and emotion that he brings to the surface of his characters. You really feel for them, and it brings you deeper into their story/stories.

    This is a ‘must buy’ for me. Thanks for the heads up!

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