To no one’s surprise, this blog is going to be heavy on the San Diego postings for the next few days. I’m going to sneak in some news items, but I really do want to try to get as much booth and signing information up as I can. Synsidar is helping put together some links, and we should end up with a convenient place to find lots of information, hopefully concerning who you are looking for and even more hopefully something new which catches your eye.

Please keep sending me information. A link to a blog post is easiest and sufficient. And I’m going to be streamlining listings so me and the readers don’t lose their minds.

Also, very important, Brian Heater over at The Daily Cross Hatch is running all kinds of indie comics news and regularly updating it. SO bookmark and check often.


  1. Here’s a list of the things I’m planning to check out. I need to work on it some more. You know ADD MORE THINGS. Arrrg!!! I love it though. Does anyone else have a list of where they’re going, and what they’re doing? It could help others to learn a little more about what there is to do. I find that when I look at EVERYTHING I lose perspective. Looking at what other people are focused on is a little easier.