That Korean horror comic we linked to yesterday had everyone buzzing or else pooping their pants, but you know, future comics aren’t future comics until Scott McCloud weighs in — which he did on Google+:

This is one of those interesting cases where the insertion of motion (or the illusion of it by hijacking the scrollbar) doesn’t automatically tear at the fabric of the medium. It still feels like comics, because that static juxtaposition is maintained (a bit like comics that use looped motion, one of which I wrote about on my site last year: http://scottmccloud.com/2010/08/24/why-it-works/).

Hope others will give it a try. Adding the ingredient of reader presence to the mix could open up a lot of interesting possibilities, especially for genres like horror which thrive on keeping the reader at least partially in the dark.

There’s quite a bit of discussion in the comments, including a reaction video, below:


  1. This is cartoon of Korean cartoonist, Ha Il Gun. In Korea, there are many webtoons and Cartoonists are trying to make good image which can express its’ story more interesting.

    Enjoy Korean Cartoon!