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We don’t watch HEROES all that often, but it seems that Claire and Peter are dating…or Hayden Panetierre and Milo Ventimiglia are. They denied it for months, but this photo of the pair wandering through a mall holding hands was the smoking gun, so to speak. Not that just holding hands necessarily means that a couple is knocking boots, but we think you’ll agree they certainly look like they WANT to.

Anyway, like we said, we’re weak in Heroes-fu, so we have no idea how shocking this is.

We know one thing: they both have names that are hard to spell.


  1. Hmmm.
    Milo is well in his 20’s. Hayden just turned 18. Months of rumors and now, they are photographed together, safe from Hollywood’s laws that Roman Polanski knows sooo well.
    Looks like Milo avoided a trip to France, FOREVER, Naughty , naughty.

  2. Anyway, like we said, we’re weak in Heroes-fu, so we have no idea how shocking this is.

    Well, he does play her uncle on the show, if memory serves, so it’s kinda weird from that angle…

  3. I wish people would lighten up. So many historical romance novels pair up 17-year-old heroines with 30-something heroes – just go read Georgette Heyer books if you don’t believe me. Sheesh. On top of which, I dated older men (like mid-20s to early-30s) when I was 18 and 19. They were SO much more interesting to talk with than boys my own age. No big deal.

  4. Well, despite the fact that he is 66% older than she is, she just recently turned 18. This creates the image of Milo, who has worked with Hayden for almost 3 years, marking a calendar with a black Sharpie each day Hayden got closer to legality.

    Not that that actually happened, mind you, but it is an image. A creepy one at that.

  5. No more shocking than Barry Williams and Florence Henderson…
    Or Prince Charles and Lady Diana. And maybe they just have a close, friendly working relationship… a really close, very friendly relationship. hmmm… ya think they do flash fiction behind closed doors? kinda like that batman urban legend? “This time I get to rescue you!”

  6. Well, for one thing it is not the 19th century. Cultural norms about age differences have changed, as have expectations for romantic relationships. It was kind of OK for your husband/beau/whatever to take a paternalistic attitude about you back then; now that men and women are supposed to be equal partners, most women would not stand for her husband considering himself his guardian, as was the case then. (And holding up Prince Charles and Diana as a relationship? Yeesh. The poor girl was hand-picked because she was a virgin and young and naive — the royal family thought she would be easy to mold and control.)

    Here’s the thing I think about when I see a 30-year-old man dating an 18-year-old girl: Sure, 30-year-old men are more interesting than 18-year-old boys, but doesn’t it work the other way around, too? What does a 30-year-old man see in a girl twelve years his junior? Is he emotionally stunted? Using her? Girls who have older guys who are into them often play that “He’s so much more interesting” card, but they don’t understand that often the older guy is, consciously or unconsciously, using them because they are young and easier to manipulate.

    I can’t believe I’ve written this much about this. It’s the influence of Jezebel, that insidious Gawker blog.

  7. Those of us who are Gilmore Girls fan decided awhile ago that the 26-year-old Alexis Bledel must have been too old for the 30-year-old Milo.

    — Rob, 37yo SWM considers 40yo Lauren Graham the right age for him (And he still thinks of Hayden as Ally McBeal’s daughter.)

    ObComics: I wish Ty Templeton wrote and drew a Gilmore Girls series for . . . well, Gg parent studio Warner’s corporate sibling DC if DC had any clue how to market to women

  8. I don’t know if comics culture samples weird on this question or what, but dating in all sorts of different age groups is pretty common for my single friends, especially as they date over time. I’m not sure why anyone would have to go across the ocean or two centuries back for examples.

    I wish this handsome TV actor couple all the happiness in the world that doesn’t involve me having to watch their dumbass show.

  9. Just imagine if little Hayden marries Big old Milo and hyphenates, they’ll never be able to fit all the letters on her credit card…

  10. I love celeb romances. And, Hayden is cute! I never understand why the celebs like to deny fact. In the end we all find out anyway. And with all the paparazzi in LA it just makes them hungrier to “get the picture.” If the celebs just came out I think they would have less problems with their private lives and the paparazzi. Just my two cents.

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