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Stuff to buy at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Fest


This Saturday, the indie comics circuit for the year wraps up with the third Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest, to be held at

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
 275 North 8th Street 
Brooklyn, NY
12-9 pm 
Free and open to the public

Union Pool 
484 Union Avenue # A
 Brooklyn, NY
1-8 pm 
Free and open to the public.

While the exhibitor’s page does list debuting books, we wanted to run pictures, so here you go:

Sam Henderson is bringing along FREE ICE CREAM:

It collects the gag cartoons from 2009 and 2010. If you’ve bothered to check out the archives here and seen the blurb that says “you have to buy the book”, this is that book. It’s 40 pages and comic-book sized, and you can get it from me for $3 postpaid by using the “donate” button on the right.

Secret Acres

Secret Acres has Curio Cabinet 5 locked, loaded and ready for takeoff. John Brodowski’s highly acclaimed alt-horror series continues with its first issue since the publication of the collected Curio Cabinet, named a top ten book of 2010 by Rob Clough, High-Low, and Picturebox Publisher Dan Nadel, writing for the Economist’s More Intelligent Life. Four explosive new stories are presented in a special, footlong edition. Advance copies will be coming in hot at the 2011 Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in Brooklyn, New York.

• ADVANCE COPIES at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, December 3rd, 2011, at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, 275 North 8th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
• STITCH BOUND, 32 PGS, ISBN 978-0-9831662-2-1, 8x12in, $7.00

Drawn and Quarterly

Come visit Drawn & Quarterly this weekend in Williamsburg Brooklyn at the Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church with Adrian Tomine, Brian Ralph, Jillian Tamaki, R. Sikoryak, John Porcellino, and also Matt Forsythe and Gabrielle Bell in attendance! The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics festival is the best small press how in NYC. We’re not the only ones who think so. Check out the Voice, and the New Yorker!
Signing Schedule at D+Q Tables 20-22:
Brian Ralph 1:00-3:00
R. Sikoryak 2:00- 3:00
Jillian Tamaki 3:00 – 4:00
Adrian Tomine 3:00 -5:00
Brian Ralph 5:00-7:00

John Porcellino, Matt Forsythe & Gabrielle Bell are signing at other tables, too!

The recent embrace of graphic novels by the publishing industry has led to misguided attempts to evaluate comics according to the standards and conventions of literary fiction. The writing in comics occupies a more peculiar place, with its own constraints and opportunities. John Porcellino, Gabrielle Bell, and David Sandlin will discuss the particular demands of writing within a visually-driven form in this conversation moderated by novelist Myla Goldberg.

C.F. and Brian Ralph both emerged from the revolutionary art and comics scene that flourished in New England throughout the 1990s, radiating outward from the Fort Thunder artists’ space in Providence, RI and incorporating a network of friendships, influences, and collaborations. Both artists are now producing the strongest work of their careers, engaging fantasy and adventure as modes for personal expression. The two will discuss their work with moderator Tom Spurgeon.

Koyama Press is bringing:

COMICS CLASS, a new mini-comic by Award-winning cartoonist Matthew Forsythe coming this December that is kind of based on a real class, but mostly untrue! COMICS CLASS is 44 pages of loosely-drawn, quasi-autobiographical comics about the comics class Forsythe taught last spring. Hegelian dialectics, sexual politics and the detestable use of clipart in comics are just some of the issues that Forsythe tackles with his disaffected class of 11-year olds––that is when he isn’t challenging them to arm wrestle for money. This hilarious collection of half-truths and half-baked theories lovingly skewers the life of a working cartoonist, and it might just teach you something, maybe.

THE WORLD OF GLORIA BADCOCK the first all-new comic book in more than ten years by acclaimed illustrator and author Maurice Vellekoop, coming from Koyama Press this December. Time travel! Lesbianism! Gay three-ways! Bionic love-machines! Celebrity product endorsement!!! All this and more is found in THE WORLD OF GLORIA BADCOCK. Last seen in 1997’s Vellevision, sexually liberated magazine editrix Gloria Badcock, is making her triumphant return! Join Gloria, her gay best friend, the renowned inventor Dr. Cornelius, his faithful sidekick, five-time Mr. Sweden and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Sven, and a nutty cast of eccentrics in a joyous, guilt-free, surreal, silly, symphonic celebration of sexual freedom and the special friendship that bonds gay men and (mostly) straight women!

RIVERS FORGOTTEN, a journey through the passages and portals of the underground waterways that lie unseen below cities. Self-taught photographer, Jeremy Kai brings these forgotten landscapes to light with his first book published in a limited edition this December. Beneath the streets of all cities lie networks of hidden water features, like sewers and storm drains, which go unobserved by the general public. Kai’s underground photography explores these buried vistas, as well as the concepts of urban watersheds and the methods in which cities and their populations interact with them. His boundless exploration is matched by his artistic ability, which illuminates the beauty that can be found in the abandoned and unexpected. In RIVERS FORGOTTEN, Kai – who is often pictured as a lone figure, his face obscured by his brightly shining headlamp – stands as a guide helping to bridge the gap between the known and the forgotten.

Chuck Forsman is bringing a mini called The End of the Fucking World Part 2. 

It’s 12 pages and only a dollar. This issue is about the first stop on a teenage runaway road trip. James is sociopathic and Alyssa is hard-shelled but thoughtful. 

I’ll be at the Sundays table (#28-upstairs) with cartoonists Melissa Mendes (Freddy Stories), Sean Ford (Only Skin), Joseph Lambert (I Will Bite You) and José-Luis Olivares (Polite Fiction)

Domino Books is proud to announce the publication of two new books. Face Man by Clara Bessijelle (available for PREORDERS only. All orders placed now will ship in late December/Early January) and Spider Monkey #1 by Jesse McManus with Austin English are now available in our webstore. Look for both books in bookshops in early January.
Domino will be tabling at The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest on December 3rd. (Located at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, 275 North 8th Street. Brooklyn, NY 12-9 pm. Free and open to the public). Please come by—we will have TONS of books, zines, art books, etc etc etc. Copies of Spider Monkey will be available for sale, as well as preview editions of Face Man. Also available at our table: Dark Tomato #1 by Sakura Maku, The Disgusting Room by Austin English, zines and mini comics by Nate Doyle, Everything Unseen #2 by Drew Beckmeyer, Midnight Special, Ögonaböj, and Print on the Nose by animator Peter Larrson, and zines from Elisabet Ericsson. Most artists listed above will be at the Domino table throughout the event.
Here is some info about our new books:

Face Man by Clara Bessijelle
$5, 24 pages. Color cover with black and white interiors

A theater critic attends an incomprehensible play. Forced to write about the it, he finds he can’t remember a single detail. He attempts to ask the box office clerk to summarize the plot but instead she misunderstands him and the critic finds himself forced to view the performance a second time. While sitting in the theater, a man begins to follow him, always one step away. Slowly  the critic becomes entangled with events that will force him to question his ‘identity’—a problem that sets him onto a collision course with he powerful Identity Group.

Drawing in a rich, highly detailed style (rendered entirely in graphite) Clara Bessijelle creates eccentric characters dropped into lush environments. In Face Man, her longest and most ambitious story yet, we find characters that are at once personal and alien. Their actions are sharp, coldly humorous but their reasoning is often warm. Every drawing is teeming with patterns and concealed clues, like a Will Elder drawing from a forgotten era. Face Man is a stand alone work, full of str

ange power.

Spider Monkey #1

by Jesse McManus and Austin English
Spider is a small boy living in a kinetic pinball city. He spends his time with his sister who enters their home every day with a ritualistic flair. Spider’s best friend is a small creature named Nako who he speaks to constantly. In fact, Spider is learning to communicate with animals of all kinds. In the first issue, we meet Spider’s idol, Emeric Powell, who has his own designs on animal communication/ Spider-Monkey is a tour de force from artist Jesse McManus (Kramers Ergot 7), working from a script by Austin English, incorporating horror manga, childrens comics and fantastic golden age elements into one beautiful comic.

Closed Caption Comics

I’m breaking my zine called SF Supplementary File #2 into 3 parts and releasing the first 2 parts at BCGF. (SF is my scifi series that I self-publish. SF Supplementary Files are related mini-stories that I produce on the side).

It’s basically a tribute to or experiment with Matsumoto Leiji’s 1979 story Queen Esmeraldas.

Jesse Balmer and Jonny Negron are debuting their anthology Chameleon No2 (issue #1 will also be available)
Jesse Balmer
Jon Boam
Patrick Kyle
Uno Moralez 
Roman Muradov 
Jonny Negron 
Zejian Shen 

Box Brown:
I’ll be debuting the following books at BCGF:

1) Roussimoff special previe

w mini-comic, Roussimoff is my continuing work about the life of Andre the Giant

2) 50% chance of debuting The Survivalist, my brand new book published by Blank Slate

3) Retrofit Comics new release: RAW POWER by Josh Bayer who cannot be contained in the standard 32 page zine-sized Retrofit comic! RAW POWER is a KING SIZED 48 page comic featuring G. Gordon Liddy, Cat-man and Punk Rock.

Paul Hoppe:
My latest comic Tales To Behold #2 will debut at the Festival. I am exhibiting artwork from it and the prototype at a show at the Brooklyn Public Library, but now it will actually be available for the first time. It’s the latest in my series of gonzo-superhero comics.

PictureBox is debuting Kramers Ergot 8 with a signing with 7 of the 12 artists: Anya Davidson, Gary Panter, Gabrielle Bell, Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw, CF and artist/editor Sammy Harkham. It’s 232 pages, full color, hardcover, and $32.95. Signings are at 12:30 and 4 pm. Matthew Thurber is signing 1-800 MICE at 2:30 and 6:00 pm. 

PictureBox is also working with the Don (Apex Novelties) Donahue estate to display and sell some of the work he published, including rare silkscreens and other prints by the likes of Charles Burns, Rory Hayes, S. Clay Wilson, and file copies of some wonderful underground comics published by Don’s Apex Novelties. Theyy’ll be giving away a zine that compiles texts by Don about the origins of Apex and the true story of Zap #1.

J.T. Yost:

Birdcage Bottom Books is thrilled to release a new mini-comic by J.T. Yost into the wild at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival this Saturday (12/3). We will also have new silk-screened Snoop shirts in a nauseating color palette! Both items will also be for sale on our website as well.

Domatille Collardey will have

– What Had Happened Was #3 : The new oversize (24′x36′)  fold out poster issue! This special issue will come in a special customized gift envelope. Be ready for Christmas, guys.

Victor Kerlow is debuting SOMETHING BIG, a new collection of his comics. “They are ten dollars, 48 pages, perfect bound, and will be available to buy on the Comic Shop sidebar after this weekend.”

Lamar Abrams is debuting FERZAN DREI at the AdHouse table. The subject matter consists of drawings of women farting. There is also a rumblr tumblr page devoted to the book.

  1. It’s finally happened. The hand bound/self published/mini comic with a sliver of a print run is now cheaper to buy than a mass produced corporate comic that’s half ads.

  2. ACT-I-VATE will be at Table 17 in the basement. We’ll be selling a special limited run of “Lilly Mackenzie & the Mines of Charybdis” today ONLY!
    Also books by Michel Fiffe, Kat Roberts and Tim Hamilton’s “Brother Sasquatch” Mini ( you really NEED that!)

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