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Studio coffee run: Iron Man, Liquid, Hobbit


§ How much do people love IRON MAN? So much so that the IRON MAN Blu-ray disc is the fastest selling Blu-ray in history. So many people bought it that downloading additional content from Paramount’s website, crashed the site big time

That alone wouldn’t have been a problem, but because this caused the loading of the movie to halt while the content was downloaded lots of people thought the disc itself was defective. Paramount has now issued a statement to explain the problem.

§ Liquid Comics is flowing — to Hollywood. The former Virgin Comics has had one of its properties — Ramayanpicked up by Mandalay:

Sony Online Entertainment optioned “Ramayan,” first published in 2006, last year to turn the game into a massively multiplayer online role-playing title.

John Collee is adapting the comicbook, based on epic Hindu poem about the adventures of legendary blue-skinned warrior Prince Rama, who fights to rescue his wife from the demon king who kidnapped her.

According to the piece, several other Virgin/Liquid projects — including VIRULENTS and THE GAMEKEEPER — are still in play in Tinseltown, and others are still hoped to go into development.

§ MEANWHILE, the only REALLY important thing going on is: Guillermo del Toro talked The Hobbit this weekend:

I find you have to discipline yourself to write in the morning, and then watch and read in the afternoons stuff that seems relevant, even in a tangential way. For example, reading or watching World War I documentaries or books that I think inform ‘The Hobbit,’ strangely enough, because I believe it is a book born out of Tolkien’s generation’s experience with World War I and the disappointment of being in that field and seeing all those values kind of collapse. I think it’s a turning point that you need to familiarize yourself with. I’m starting.

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