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Studio Coffee Run: Game of Thrones, Bane's mumble mask, Governor casting, etc.

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¶ Oh yeah, Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon Snow—all your favorites who are still alive are coming back April 1.

¶ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES’sTom Hardy admits that wearing the Bane mask is not fun, but he’s okay with that:

Speaking at the premiere of his latest film, This Means War, Tom said: “Bane’s mask is tight, actually. I got used to it, but you get used to anything really, in time.”

…”I didn’t get into a dark place at all. A lot of dark characters are easy to have distance from, it’s something I feel comfortable with, I suppose.”

Comfortable enough to speak clearly? We’ll see.

¶ Aw. Make-up master/actor Tom Savini is campaigning to play arch-villain The Governor of The Walking Dead, partly because he looks just like the character.

Tom Savini: Listen, I have been campaigning to be the Governor on that damn thing with Greg Nicotero for over a year. Every time I see the graphic novel and I see a picture of the Governor, who looks just like me, I send Greg a picture. I just won’t give up. Last time I talked to him about it, when I was in Los Angeles, he said they were going after a name for that part. I said, “Who?” He said John Hawkes. Well, I never heard of John Hawkes. But then he reminds me that we were in From Dusk Till Dawn together. He is the guy at the beginning in the store that fires on them. Apparently he was up for an Academy Award; he was up for something called Winter’s Bone. That’s whom they are going after for the Governor. But everyone I talk to, the people that read the graphic novels…They’ve all said that I would be the perfect Governor. Because he is tough and brutal. And…I look just like the graphic depiction of him!

John Hawkes (below)was pretty awesome in WINTER’S BONE; he would also be a good Governor.

Albert Torres has been tapped to write the BEN 10 movie. Torres previously wrote HENRY POOLE IS HERE, about a guy who goes to a house to die, so it’s all….connected.

¶ The movie version of Alex Robinson’sTOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN has writers: Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko (MOVIE 43). The movie is at Red Crown Prods. and Likely Story—the latter you will recall, is actually a partner of publisher Top Shelf, with a first-look deal—this is the first fruit of that alliance. The story concerns a man who transports back to his 15-year-old self.

  1. John Hawkes was already a very convincing, very disturbing cult leader in Martha Marcy May Marlene. He’d be a much better Governor. I would have no problem with Savini being the Governor, as his presence would be a very nice addition of fan service to the zombie fans out there in the world, but he’s a runner-up when compared to the raw, unnerving, emotional complexity Hawkes brings to his roles. He’s a goddamn powerhouse of magnetic energy, which is a good trait for a character like the Governor, who used those abilities to rule over his people the way he did.

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