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Studio Coffee Run, 9-14-09


§ WHITEOUT got blanked at the box office, taking in an ultra-modest $5.1 million and garnering punishing reviews. On the plus side, Kate Beckinsale is still hot.

§ Jeffrey Dean Morgan is considering the role of Lobo, and why not?

I continued by asking Morgan if there was a comic book character in particular that he had his eye on playing. “You know, they’re making Lobo right now,” the actor replied. “That would be cool. Lobo would be very cool. I don’t think that I’m as big as Lobo is, but if you could, transplant Mickey Rourke’s body on my head, that would be just great. But I don’t know. It’s an untapped world for me as well. Every time I kind of hear about something I go out and get the book or I look it up. We’ll see. You’re always looking for material that’s kind of smart and fun and this seems to be where it is right now. The studios are really gravitating towards it. More than I’ve ever seen them gravitate towards anything in a long time. Comic books are really the thing right now and I don’t see that going away for at least the next couple of years.”

§ There’s a FANTASTIC FOUR franchise reboot afoot, but Chris Evans isn’t going to be involved, probably. Evans portrayed the Human Torch and was considered a bright spot by many who had to endure the duo of films. That is sad, because we won’t be able to post more pictures of Gratuitous Chris Evans Towel Scenes.

§ We weren’t all that sure that there was a Smurfs movie coming out, but there is. But it has been delayed because Gargamel stole the negatives or something.

  1. The Canadian daily, the Globe and Mail, panned Whiteout. Gave it 1 star, saying it was not so wonderful, and wondered if it was so cold, why no one was wearing scarves (??)

  2. Al: Those of us up here in the Great White North routinely roll our eyes at movies set in cold climates….the complete lack of steam while talking in freezing temperatures the most conspicuous disconnect (at least for us). Granted…steam blasting from the mouths and noses of movie stars isn’t the most appealing visual, but its absence is the instant tip-off they’re not really shooting in the cold (which would probably add all kinds of equipment problems if they did).

    Re: The F.F. reboot: Is it just me, or would a Fantastic Four movie work better as a Space Age period piece?

  3. No, I didn’t see Whiteout…nor do I plan to in light of its horrible reviews. I guess it’s good that they had mouth steam in ANTARCTICA, for God’s sake. I think even warm-climate folks would call foul if they didn’t.

  4. Mark Engblom: “Re: The F.F. reboot: Is it just me, or would a Fantastic Four movie work better as a Space Age period piece?”

    I’ve always thought so too. Their space race origin ONLY works in that era. Also, Reed Richards’ high tech lab would seem far more amazing when contrasted with the relatively low-tech 1960’s. Not to mention the unique charm a 1960’s setting would bring to the franchise. In the right hands, FF could easily become the “Forest Gump of superhero movies.”
    I really hope hope Disney gets the rights back from Fox.

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