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Studio Coffee Run 8/5/11: Game of Thrones casting updates, Catwoman in the flesh, Amazing Spiderman #2, etc.


Here’s a widely distributed pic of Henry Cavill in Man of Steel (via The Beat)…And here’s one of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises…(via EW)

The stills came out this week on the heels of Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes declaring that, “DC will (continue to) be a major contributor (to Warner Brothers’ earnings),” even though Green Lantern “did not live up to expectations.” (via Deadline and The Beat)

The other of the big two comics companies on the other hand is already doubling the F down on The Amazing Spider-man and it’s not even out yet. (via EW)

Here’s an interview with AMC president, Charles Collier, who doesn’t say jackshit about Frank Darabont stepping down as showrunner of The Walking Dead but does offer some spin on the show’s recent budget cuts (via Deadline)

Behold! There’s been tons of casting news for Season Two of Game of Thrones (via EW)

Development continues at a snail’s pace for the Marvel property, Dr. Strange (via Spinoff Online)

The Viz graphic novel, Tuxedo Gin, has also been slated for a Disney film adaptation called Tux. Robert Ben Garant will co-write the script. (via Deadline)

Lastly the Cowboys and Aliens narrowly smushed The Smurfs in a comics movie box office battle royale last weekend (via The Beat) Wonder how they’ll both fair against The Rise of the Planet of the Apes this weekend.

  1. Tell me this is not going to be Superman’s custom? Fish skin anyone? Just like the last movie, bad, bad, bad custom design.

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