The Hollywood Reporter posted this fascinating read with the inside scoop on the REAL reason Frank Darabont got shitcanned from The Walking Dead. It serves as a reminder that you can have all the good taste in the world, like AMC’s original programming clearly does, but it always comes down to dollah dollah billz, y’all. Should be interesting reading for anyone with a penchant for following the money behind the media. Speaking of AMC, has anyone played the Breaking Bad graphic novel game on AMC’s website? I can’t get it to open on this com-pu-tor but from the looks of the TV ads, AMC is bringing it again with the clever transmedia properties.

Jason Patric in Powers

Here’s a still of Jason Patric from the new FX Powers pilot (via Spinoff Online, via The Chicago Sun Times)

Robert Rodriguez, of Machette fame, is makin’ hella comics movies. News about Sin City 2 and a new live action version Frank Frazetta’s 1983 animation joint, Fire and Ice, at the link (via Indiewire)

RED ALERT TO THE MIDWEST: The Avengers have taken over Cleveland (via MTV Splashpage)

HULK SMASH MOVIES WITH TV – Mavel’s seemingly endless continuity threads will NOT extend from Disney’s Marvel movie universe to Benicio Guilermo Del Toro’s new The Hulk pilot for ABC (via Spinoff Online)

Aaaanndd, it’s been a slow week, so here’s a new Tintin poster from and, with that, I’m over and out.


  1. people calling each other nerds on a comic site? Who’d a thunk it? Thanks for the article Shannon. Interesting that even Marvel can’t extend their continuity from a movie to a TV show. I think it will lead to a good outcome, though.