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Studio Coffee Run 6/22/12: The Dark Knight Rises, Yahoo's Liquid Comics, Amazing Spiderman, Looper, etc.

Yahoo's Liquid Comics' Dinosaurs vs. Aliens cover (Image via Deadline)

Yahoo! is launching a venture called “Liquid Comics,” an original motion comics program for Yahoo Screen this Summer. The program will be launching with a couple of star-studded offerings; Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens “directed” by Barry Sonnenfeld (who directed the Men in Black films) and written by Grant Morrison and Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper. Yahoo Screen attracts more than 57 million unique visitors per month and is planning more motion comics offerings such as these in the near future (via Deadline)

Yahoo Films is also making new media waves this week with the new trailer for the last installment of Twighlight. The trailer debuted Tuesday and over the course of the week broke the record for the highest viewed internet trailer ever with seven million views and counting (via Deadline)

Here’s a new Amazing Spiderman clip from SonyIndia, which features Dr. Connors getting his tighty whiteys in a bunch over some onerous sounding “human trials,” and here is Emma Stone discussing all things Gwen Stacy, and last but not least, here is a link to the 7th Amazing Spiderman TV spot and the 13th clip from the film (via SonyIndia, IGN, and Comingsoon.net)

As far as that other eagerly anticipated masked vigilante Summer blockbuster goes, here is some assorted clippage from The Dark Knight Rises. Also, Spinoff Online has a sweet post detailing all the clever viral marketing Legendary popping off in this Batman joint, including a new web based video game called The Fire Rises and an official Gotham document that calls out the bat as being responsible for the death of Harry Dent. Good stuff all of it. Check it. (via The Beat, First Showing.net, and Spinoff Online)

Here is an interesting story in The LA Times about how Chinese financiers are influencing the actual narratives of films such as the upcoming sci fi flick, Looper, by Brick auteur, Rian Johnson, to promote Chinese nationalism among other things (via LA Times)

Kickass star Aaron Johnson talks to Collider about Kickass 2, which is set to beging filming in the Fall (via Collider)

The gossip mavens over at Vulture are whispering that the DC Comics’ series, The Metal Men, is the new comic book movie that Barry Sonnenfeld (Director of movies and motion comics) is stealthily attached to (via Vulture)

Over fifty prominent animation showrunners, including The Simpsons’ Al Jean and Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane, penned a strongly worded letter to the The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences about how lame it is that the primarily live action show Community is eligible for nomination in Emmy animation award categories but how animation series are confined to a cartoon ghetto of sorts as far as being nominations are concerned. I am, unsurprisingly, with the cartoon people on this one. I’m sure you probably are too but I urge you to check out the link as it still points to how comics and cartoons still ain’t gettin’ all the full respect they deserve… (via Deadline)

Lastly, David Slade’s Daredevil reboot is proceeding at a slow but steady pace, although Slade has confirmed that he is “firmly against” shooting in “native 3D” and that the studio isn’t interested in doing a post 3D conversion. So don’t expect to wear those groovy glasses when you see it (via /Film)

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