Mr. Garrison's Game of Thrones' history lesson

Mr. Garrison gave the kids of South Park a history lesson on the noble houses of Westeros this week. The results were both educationally effective as well as hilarious (click on the pic, then click on it again to enlarge so you can get a close up look at that chalkboard). In other Game of Thrones news, Lancel Lannister (Eugene Simon) talked to TV Guide this week, while Game of Thrones Story Editor, Bryan Cogman, did an interesting interview at Think Progress that touches on how this season is fleshing out some characters that seemed to just ride on by in the Song of Ice and Fire series of books  ATTENTION: SPOILERS LIE AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN’T READ ANY OF THE A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE BOOKS OR SEEN ANY OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 2: Btw, is it just me, or is anyone else longing for Season 1, Pre-Emmy-Winning-Fan-Fave-Peter-Dinkalage Tyrion? It’s not like I’m not enjoying all the Tyrion, and of course, The Hand of the King drives the plot to a large extent, but it almost seems like Tyrion 2.0 is being written as too much of a quip-meistering badass now. I thought he showed a little bit more vulnerability and insecurity in the books.  Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s just me. You know how I know why? Because Robb Stark isn’t just kicking ass on the battlefield, he is kicking Don Draper’s ass in the ratings as well. (via International Business Times, TV Guide, Think Progress and The NY Daily News).

OK! let’s get the latest hype up to The Avengers out of the way. I’m sorry, people, but this week in particular, I’m just not feelin’ the geek out freak out for this flick like I once was, fourscore and one week ago. Re: The Avengers there’s this, this and that. Oh! And then there’s THIS! Which is actually pretty awesome. If you want to see Samuel L. Jackson make a compelling argument that you go get you some of that medicinal HULK WEED before you see The Avengers, click on that last link. Also, filed under No Sh*t, Sherlock – Trailers for The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman will be playing at showings of The Avengers. (via /Film,, CBR, and

Getting back to Spidey for a sec, it turns out that Bridesmaids producer, Paul Feig, who used to write for Freaks and Geeks, wrote some of the more angsty teen scenes in The Amazing Spiderman, which, I believe, can only augur good things (via Vulture)

Here’s another trailer for you. This one is a short but suh-weet one for Snowwhite and The Huntsman (via

Oof. This reporter (meaning the guy at the link) did NOT LIKE the footage that was screened of The Hobbit at something called Cinema Con, which this reporter (meaning me) does not like the sound of (meaning Cinema Con –  c’mon, for reals? I thought they were f*cking called FILM FESTIVALS) (via IGN)

I like the sound of this though – the producers of Enders Game got hooked up with a NASA sound stage (via MTV Movies Blog)

I’d also like to click a hearty “Like” on this: Simon Pegg has completed a second draft of the script for The World’s End – his third collaboration with Edgar Wright (via The Playlist at Indiewire)

And to close out the week here is some interesting programming news from Syfy: The cable network is moving forward with a pilot based on the DC superhero Booster, and a Charlaine Harris (writer of the Sookie Stackhouse books that True Blood is based on) series called Grave Sight. (via SpinoffOnline)

And with that I’m outtie. Have a nice weekend, people.


  1. Okay… if SyFy can make Booster Gold (the Kardashian of the DC Universe) why can’t Disney/ABC/A&E produce “Damage Control”?

    Imagine the various cameos! The second season, you spin off Slott’s She-Hulk! The production costs are minimal! Such a simple concept!

  2. I’m pretty sure Cinema Con is a trade show, not a film festival. From what I understand, completed films often aren’t shown, just parts of upcoming films. Think of it like Diamond Previews.

    It’s for the National Association of Theater Owners.

  3. I guess I’m too slow as well. I should’ve checked out Cinema Con before heaping on the diss. I just didn’t like that sound of it one bit!

  4. PS: I love getting fact checked by Beat readers in this column. It’s like going to an online nerd training webinar.

  5. Hi Shannon,

    Not sure if you’ve read the Songs of Ice and Fire books, but if you didn’t, the Tyrion change in Season 2 is pretty close to his character arc in the books. The vulnerability and insecurity does come back eventually…


  6. Hi David,

    I’ve read through book 3. I guess we interpret it differently? I thought there was a lot more scurrying and pathos behind the power and scheming – just one girl’s opinion tho :)