200810240151§ Yes, there will be an UMBRELLA ACADEMY movie; writer Gerard Way will collaborate on the score…maybe with somene like RJ-D2…kick-ass!

“We just had our first meeting at Universal, and it went great. The hardest thing was finding the right building and the right gate. Nah, the meeting was great, really, really great. The book was optioned before [International Comic-Con in] San Diego, and now it’s been green-lighted. Now we’re talking screenwriters and directors, obviously. There’s no director attached yet.”

§ MAYBE there will be a RUNAWAYS movie:

MTV News recently spoke with Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige about “Runaways” — and discovered that, not only was Feige one of the project’s biggest supporters, a film based on the teen superteam’s adventures was high on the list of Marvel’s post-”Avengers” movie plans. In fact, he expects to see a finished script by early 2009.

§ Unlikely: 1602 movie.

§ Seth Rogen is excited about Stephen Chow contributions to GREEN HORNET script. Translation: a bunch of colorful misfits will prove to have fantastic, redemptive powers.

§ Sad: Kirk/Sulu wedding row. Kirk says he was not invited and Sulu is nuts; Sulu says the Shat was invited and never got back to anyone. Fact: Peter David WAS invited.


  1. Re: 1602
    Aside from the gimmick of Marvel Superheroes in the past, what drives the story? What’s the conflict?

    Now, if Marvel wanted to make a gazillion dollars, all they have to do is greenlight “Damage Control”. A simple concept (a company that cleans up after superheroes) and an opportunity to add many character cameos in the background. It might even be better as a television show!

    And if that’s successful, She-Hulk (the Dan Slott version) would also work well, focusing on the legal, “LA Law” angle.

    RE: Kirk/Sulu (sorry, couldn’t resist!)
    Did Mr. Shatner do the classy thing and send a present anyway? Reading the transcript, probably not. Did Mr. Takei call Mr. Shatner to ask why he wasn’t attending? Or did Mr. Takei just not care if Mr. Shatner showed or not?