Harley Davidson Avengers promo pic

Marvel’s got a promotion going with Harley Davidson and The upcoming Avengers flick where you can win a Harley and appear in a digital version of the comic (new still at the left). Speaking of The Avengers, what did you think of the new Superbowl trailer for the highly anticipated Joss Whedon directed mega-ensemble? Or the new John Carter trailer? Or the new The Hunger Games trailer??? Which new clip got you the most tingly feeling all over with anticipation and excitement? I’m going with John Carter even though I’ve been sucked in by all three’s corporate marketing clutches. (Harley Davidson Avengers promo image via Spinoff Online )

In more trailer mania, the new Amazing Spiderman trailer (did it play during the football game?!??) has tongues a waggin’ as well. I like Peter Parker re-imagined in the form of Andrew Garfield. Then again, I’d like to imagine a lot of scenarios in or with the form of Andrew Garfield. Here’s AnGa himself, sporting  a hipster poopy diaper knit cap, telling MTV News about how, “Spiderman belongs to everybody.

And we gots loads of new stills too! There’s a bunch from John Carter which look super cool over at Comingsoon.net, while /Film’s got pics from the new Dredd (as in Judge) flick, and then there’s new images from Westerios and beyond the Wall as well! io9.com has a big ass gallery of new stills from Game of Thrones Season 2 up.

Lots of Walking Dead news today as well. Deadline reports (along with The Beat’s thoughtful analysis) that Michael Anthony Moore has filed suit against Robert Kirkman, alleging that as co-creator of the long-running comic on which one of the most successful cable television properties of all time is based, he is entitled to a sh*t-ton of moulah. Kirkman’s lawyer is already coming out swinging and it’s looks like it’s going to get uglier than a zombie decaying under the searing Atlanta sun in a Ken-taco-hut parking lot (via Deadline). There’s also been some pretty big leaks from the set of Season two. A production “source” has been posting lots of tidbits over at The Walking Dead fan forum, Roamers and Lurkers. Among other things, Mr./Ms. Source claims that Shane is finally totally dying this season and possibly turning into a zombie (via Spoiler TV.com via Roamers and Lurkers)

If you’ve been suffering from lack of Hobbitses news items lately, suffer no more; Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly is confirmed to be joining the cast of The Hobbit as Middle Earth dwarf warroir, Dain Ironfoot (via Spinoff Online)

In vampire casting news, Dennis O’Hare tells Vulture that, as expected in the clumsily obvious foreshadowing of last season’s finale, Russell Edington shall return to True Blood about mid-way into the next season (via NYMag.com)

More casting news: My new boyfriend, David Ramsey, will be joining the cast of the Arrow pilot – a new CW series “loosely based” on DC’s Green Arrow character (via CBR). According to Spinoff Online, the new series may have more in common with The Bourne Identity movies (or as I like to refer to them, the BORED Identities) than The Green Arrow comics. I’m just going to heave a heavy sigh on that piece of news about yet another DC character based TV pilot that sounds like it bares little resemblance to the actual DC character.

Aiight – I’m outtie. I’ll leave you with this still from the new Blade Runner related Ridley Scott opus, Promotheus (Image via Spinoff Online). Have a good weekend!


  1. @Otaku-sempai, thanks, nerd! It’s a good thing I have no plans to quit my day job. But it’s a bad thing that I’ll have no time to correct that oversight till the weekend. I appreciate your patience :)

  2. John Carter looks awesome! It’s a shame about Kirkman/Moore, and that the Arrow series is less about Green Arrow and more about Bourne.

    Promotheus looks great, and I can’t wait for Dredd!! It’s a great year to be a geek!!

  3. @Jon Q. Citizen It IS a great year to be a geek! I saw a huge John Carter building/billboard painted sign thingy thing in Beverly Hills yesterday that looks AMAZING! I let out an uncontrollable geeky gasp at the sight of it.