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A few stories of note that ran while we were away:

The upcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES movie directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson is TOTALLY A COMIC BOOK MOVIE, because, you see , screenwriter Lionel Wigram wrote a comic book “re-imagining” of the character to get the movie made. In that spirit, we proudly present a link to the first set of photos of RDJ in costume as Holmes whilst drinking Starbucks.

§ Casting call: Josh Brolin is talking about playing Jonah Hex, extending his run of Western-themed characters. In addition, Ryan Gosling is rumored as Green Lantern, extending the run of Oscar®-nominated actors who feel it is a boon to their careers to add a superhero to their resumes. (Seriously, did you ever see Gosling in HALF-NELSON? What a performance.)

THE INCREDIBLE HULK DVD will include a new opening scene set in the Arctic, and if you look real close, you will see a frozen star-spangled Avenger!

I underlined the one thing I didn’t realize I should look for, Captain America is under the ice, and wouldn’t yah know it… there he is. I have taken eleven screen captures of the sequence and so as not to put any arrows or anything on the pics just look in the lower left hand corner and you will initially notice a red, white and dark blue circle. I have done a little color work on the pic to adjust the contrast and saturation a bit to make it stand out a little more, but by the end you should see a faint body under the ice and the shield can be seen clear as day.

Note: we think it’s kinda cool that the Marvel folks made this Forensic Files tough and not a big obvious frozen shield in the background.

§ The costs of our all-time favorite musical that we haven’t seen yet, SPIDER-MAN, are spiraling our of control!

If – and it’s a big “if” where Julie The Lion Taymor is concerned – they do bring it in for $35 million, “Spider-Man,” with a weekly running cost of $1 million, will have to run about 8,000 years in a Broadway theater just to break even.

“It’s off the charts,” one source says. “Off the charts.”

The musical has a rock score by Bono (quite a good score, I’m told; the messy book is another matter) and is being produced by Sony, Marvel Comics and David Garfinkle, a lawyer who managed to get control of the musical after its original producer, the much-missed Tony Adams, died of a heart attack three years ago.

This crowd has very little theatrical experience, which is apparent since nobody seems to have the wherewithal to say: “$40 million, Julie? Are you out of your f – – – ing mind??”

  1. “a comic book reimaginging of Sherlock Holmes”? I’m sure I heard this phrase used elsewhere. Perhaps we have reached the point where comic books and movies become a bad thing.

  2. Lessee… Sony gets a soundtrack that appeals to rock fans, comics fans, and theatre fans. If the tickets are priced correctly, it will probably run two years on Broadway (if the reviewers and word-of-mouth are good), maybe a third if the tourists like it. The Hilton is a huge theater, so if the show is sold out, it sells out well. Once the initial New York run is finished, if the tech can be converted to a travelling show, then it makes a lot of money. Or they can steal the Cirque Du Soleil model, and stick it in Vegas. Or adapt the tech and create spin-off shows for amusement parks.

    Robert Downing, Jr., playing a detective with a morphine and cocaine habit…

  3. Yeahbut, Torsten, they say 8000 YEARS to break even, not 8000 shows.

    A Spider-Man musical would be cool, but not if it broke the industry’s largest company.

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