With a new house to pay for, for the first time EVER, David Lapham is selling original art from STRAY BULLETS. If only we had a spare $500 lying around.


While linking to this site, we became aware of the fact that you can read the first four issues of STRAY BULLETS online for free. If you have not read this ’90s masterpiece of pain, trauma, violence, and degradation, this first four issues are, to fall back on an overused term, as good as it gets. (Above page not for sale; top page is.)

I was also not aware that a new STRAY BULLETS story had been published in Dark Horse’s recently released NOIR anthology. Now you know as much as we do.


  1. Wow, wish I had a spare $500-600 lying around to pick on of these up. I love this series and have worn through my copies of the over-sized hard cover editions. Brilliant, brilliant work.

    Filip Sablik
    Publisher, Top Cow Productions
    Read all of The Darkness/Pitt #1 FREE at

  2. best crime comic ever made
    hell, might be the best crime anything ever made
    broke my heart when he stopped the series and moved up the ranks to generic and exploitive.

    really a brilliant comic, one i’d recommend to any kind of comic reader with a strong stomach