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With today’s grisly economic news, Tom’s already-worthwhile interview with Scott McCloud becomes even more timely:

McCLOUD: All of them, that’s the point. [laughter]

I like that we have an economy of free and DIY and a growing market for graphic novels and an all-ages movement. Although the manga scene doesn’t have an effect on too many creators here, there’s that, and there’s the traditional superhero realm. Diversity is healthy. When you have more diversity in the marketplace, it’s healthier. When you don’t, you have crossbreeding and degradation. It’s hard to find another period of history in comics in North America where you’ve had this much diversity, maybe by a factor of three or four over the last few years. It’s pretty astonishing.

The problem is that in a few years this may result in a diversity of ways to make no money. [Spurgeon laughs] To me, that’s the sole danger. I have a problem seeing any other downside.

My big worry is what’s gonna happen to the Lehman building (above)? I used to just stand on the corner and watch the LED screens for 15 minutes at a stretch.

Finally, in these trying times, we need something to believe in.
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Post by David Friedman.

BONUS: Bookstore sales drop in July.


  1. A huge office building, located in Times Square, near Rockefeller Center? Either someone will acquire Lehman (like BOA is buying Merrill Lynch), and move in, or empty the floors they occupy and rent to someone looking for a prestigious address.

    Given the images on the lightboards, I suspect this was some sort of art installation. It never really advertised the company. Given the location, some serious coin can be made there.

    Oh, and that “new hope”… wasn’t he corrupted by the power?