Ahnold is back. As a cartoon based on his “Governator” persona. And it took no less than Stan Lee to figure out how to do it, EW explains:

The animated TV show and comic book, being co-developed by no less a superhero authority than Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee, won’t be out until next year, but this week EW offers an exclusive early look at Arnold’s cartoon alter-ego. “The Governator is going to be a great superhero, but he’ll also be Arnold Schwarzenegger,” Lee says of the semi-fictional character. “We’re using all the personal elements of Arnold’s life. We’re using his wife [Maria Shriver]. We’re using his kids. We’re using the fact that he used to be governor. Only after he leaves the governor’s office, Arnold decides to become a crime fighter and builds a secret high-tech crime-fighting center under his house in Brentwood.”
Along with the Arnold Cave, the Governator will have a fleet of super vehicles at his disposal, a closet full of “Super Suits” that allow him to fly and perform other super stunts, and a team of colorful sidekicks, such as Zeke Muckerberg, the precocious 13-year-old computer whiz who acts as the Governator’s cybersecurity expert. Naturally, there will also be recurring supervillains — including an evil organization called Gangsters Imposters Racketeers Liars & Irredeemable Ex-cons (or G.I.R.L.I.E. Men, for short). For Schwarzenegger, the cartoon is obviously the next best thing to being President. “I love the idea of a control center below my house with a path so that boats and submarines can go right into the ocean,” he tells EW. “In the cartoon, my house is much closer to the beach than where we live, but, you know, it’s a cartoon.”

According to Stan’s tweets, he’s pretty darned excited:

Though he be the mightiest motion picture star of all, if he wouldst become a Brigadier, he first must prove his mettle. So Arnold, as I courageously calleth him, shall be the star of a powerful new comicbook entitled “THE GOVERNATOR!” Well may thou wonder why the mighty Governator hath so eagerly joined thy beloved Generalissimo. Now wonder no more—Rather than money, for which he hath little need, I vowed to help Arnold gaineth a body like mine! What man couldst refuse?