We managed to move our office, but were so appalled by the amount of stuff that we had accumulated that we just moved it all so we can sit and stare at it in horror.

We did, however uncover some surplus comics, so look for some cool giveaways here at Stately Beat Manor over the next few days!

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Today’s cover comes from GIRLS LOVE STORIES, published by DC from 1949 until 1972. We like this one because these two hooligans have evidently just struck a bargain over who gets to watch a shirtless hunk pitch hay all day. They were forced to do this because in olden days, THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER did not exist. But it is true that back in the ’50s, this was the kind of thing that girls fought over, and when they did, they turned up their shirt collars so they looked both snappy and tragic. They also created elaborate pic-a-nick baskets to hurl at each other during disagreements. Truly, there is much to be learned from this comic book cover!


  1. My guess is that it is pencilled by Carmine Infantino, with maybe Dick Giordano on inks. Speaking of the pik-a-nick basket, look at its small size. Today’s biggie food servings would not allow them as much room for um.. dessert.

  2. Wow… that cover is so easy to decipher… loser/nice girl wears her hair in a bun ( = spinster), her shirt has sleeves, wears slacks, and little makeup. Whereas the victor/hussy wears her hair down in an attractive hairdo, has bare arms and wears a dress with some decotelege, and sports make-up. Guess who gets the guy?

  3. BTW, Heidi, having just moved cubes myself, I wonder, what sort of housewarming gift does one give? Stylish magnets? One of those collapsible bookshelves from Gothic Cabinet Craft?

  4. Looked at from the right perspective, the girl in red could be implying that she’s taking over for Johnny, and the other girl will have to ogle her instead. It gives a new meaning to the series title.

  5. Given the time when this comic was published, Giordano was at Charlton and Romita was at Marvel. My best guess would be Arthur Peddy and Bernard Sachs.

    Too bad this idea didn’t land at Prize so we could see what Simon and Kirby would have done with this idea.

  6. Yeah, i really believe Infantino pencilled it. Inks, not so sure about. Giordano may not have been around, the dark haired girl’s face looks a little like Sekowsky’s art but I don’t know if he was inking for other people. Joe Giella maybe?

  7. It’s not Romita (even though he was still at DC at the time, BTW; he wouldn’t go to Marvel for another 5 years), and I don’t think it’s Infantino either (although his nose sure does show it; I don’t think he did any romance work at all). The inking is by Bernard Sachs, who I think did a lot of DC Romance covers, mostly to just make sure there was a house style. Until Gene Colan started doing stuff in the early 60s and John Rosenberger around the same time, most of those stories looked (and read) exactly the same.

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