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STARSTRUCK, the eccentric space opera comedy by Elaine Lee and Wm. Michael Kaluta has led a varied multimedia history — while it’s now coming out as a periodical comic from IDW, it started out as a stage play by Lee. Now it’s going back to its roots with a new audio play that will be available on compact disc and broadcast radio. PR below and a copy of Kaluta’s cover (click for larger version) above:

Hot on the heels of IDW Publishing’s successful re-launch, Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta’s science fiction comedy masterpiece comes to the world of audio theatre as The AudioComics Company, in association with Portland Community Radio WMPG, announces that its debut production of Starstruck will be available October 31 on compact disc and pay-per-MP3 download, and will air on selected radio stations in the United States.

The audio adaptation of the original off-Broadway production was adapted for the medium of audio by co-creator Elaine Lee, and directed by AudioComics Company co-founder William Dufris. With Ms. Lee as AudioComics’ guest for the weekend, Starstruck recorded at The Studio in Portland, ME May 7 – 9, and was mastered by Gateway Mastering, whose client list includes The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The recording also employs Dwight Dixon’s re-recorded music from the original 1980’s stage productions, as well as several new compositions. Cast members include noted audio book narrators Tavia Glibert and Simon Vance, and the voice of MTV’s Æon Flux, Denise Poirier.

The basis for the comic book series, Starstruck was first presented off-Broadway in 1980, and again in 1983. In a far-flung and very alternative future, Captain Galatia 9 and the crew of the Harpy are on a mission for the United Federation of Female Freedom Fighters. When the Harpy runs into a living ship inhabited by a team of galactic evildoers, including Galatia’s insidious sister Verloona Ti, the outcome of the battle may well decide the fate of the free universe. Often hilarious, always surprising, Starstruck is a spine-tingling joy-ride to the far side of the spiral arm!

The forthcoming two-disc CD of Starstruck for $22.95, and the pay-per-MP3 download for $12.95 will be available October 31, 2010. Compact discs will be available for pre-order to the public exclusively through www.audiocomicscompany.com beginning September 1, 2010. Compact discs and pay-per-MP3’s will also be available through CD Baby, iTunes, The Spoken Network, and ZBS.

About AudioComics: Under the direction of Lance Roger Axt and William Dufris, The AudioComics Company provides superior audio entertainment with its professional full-cast audio theatre adaptations of licensed and original properties from the world of comic books, graphic novels, and more. Our productions of classic, contemporary and world premiere properties will reach new audiences far beyond readers and comic book fans through the universally popular entertainment medium of multi-track recorded sound and music on CD and in downloadable form, accessible in today’s market with today’s sound.


  1. @Jeremy: We’re going to put something up on the website next month. Most likely the rough of the prologue.

    @Coat: Not sure what you’re talking about…elaborate, my dear sir.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  2. @Coat: I have no involvement with the site at all. I’ve simply known of its existence for a while – I occasionally get an Old Time Radio fix from them, and got to hear the FF and Doc Savage radio shows off their site, but I’m not involved.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  3. Archive.org is a fantastic source for old-time radio, but if you’re looking for the Green Hornet then the best source is RadioSpirits. They own all the original transcription discs from the Green Hornet broadcasts.

  4. A quick update: the online store will open September 15 for compact disc pre-orders; September 15 is the definitive start date.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

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