With nothing else to do but digest turkey and fight crowds, the internerd has quickly turned, just as we knew it would, to the “Claymore” lightsabre in the new Star Wars: TFA trailer. This lightsaber not only has a blade, but two mini lightsabers coming out of each hilt, reminiscent of the real universe blade the Claymore, a giant sword that had little swords as hilts. The “Claymore saber” would seem to be highly…cumbersome to use as you would be in eminent danger of stabbing yourself with your own hilt at all times. But…it looks cool, so what.

The weapon quickly meme’d out:

Buzzfeed has a poll about it.

And so on. Personally, we think whoever made the sword just decided to make a tricked out, lowrider lightsaber, damn the practicalities, becuae that’s what you do.

BTW for the shot by shot speculation and spoilters, io9 has a good breakdown. And for all your spoiler/leak needs, Star Wars Underworld. I’m not going to be one of those people who hangs on every leak and makes baby JJ Abrams cry, so read at your own risk.


  1. I’m already sick of this movie, 13 months before its release, thanks to the daily Internet hype. It’s only going to get worse (and more frantic and hysterical) as release date approaches.

    The same thing is true of superhero movies. The problem isn’t too many superhero movies; we only get 4 or 5 a year. The problem is TOO MUCH HYPE, which drowns out everything else. Superhero movies would seem less oppressive if there weren’t 100,000 online articles about each one.


  2. I think getting concerned about the practicality of the fixed-length laser swords operated by space-wizards from the past-future tends to miss the point a bit.

  3. Thad: As Heidi said, these are people with nothing better to do.

    For what it’s worth, THIS is the best teaser trailer ever made:

  4. The author is this article should note that real claymores do not have “mini-blades” that form their crossguards. That was never a thing. Generally, claymores were of Scottish origin, and almost all had hilts that were angled towards the blade. However, these were never mini-blades. I’m not really sure where the author gleamed this information from, but I assume it was just internet-hype/rushing to join the band-wagon of people bashing this new lightsaber.

    Here is a link to a stereotypical Scottish claymore from assumedly the 13th to the 15th centuries: http://ts3.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608048033828112051&pid=1.7

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