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STAN’S SOAPBOX cover released


The Hero Initiative has released the final cover of their collection of Stan’s Soapbox and announced a very limited edition hardcover (below), and an even more exclusive signed hardcover.

Stan’s Soapbox: The Collection, our 144-page tome collecting ALL Stan Lee’s kickass “Soapboxes” from 1967-1980, will be in stores on November 19. It’s available in softcover at $14.99.

Or, if you’re more of a hardcover nature, please be advised: A special limited edition hardcover will be available at $35 as well. The hardcover is limited to ONLY 250 copies, so we suggest you preorder NOW at Atomic Comics. Or if ya like your books signed, a mere 100 of the 250 hardcovers will be available autographed by Stan the Man himself at $99 per.

  1. Between ’75 and ’80, I think the vast bulk of Stan’s Soapboxes were about HUGE upcoming Marvel film projects. Amusing.

  2. Hey, HERO! When you gonna collect Mark’s Remarks? Hmm? And how about his Omniverse disertation and fanzines? HMMMM?

    (But thank you for such an affordable hardcover! $35? A steal.)

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