How many times can one man pact? Stan Lee is pushing the boundaries of human endurance with, interestingly, a story which involves “forces beyond comprehension.” This time he’s bringing along Todd McFarlane and the duo are teaming with Japanese musical/chat show star Yoshiki for a project called Blood Red Dragon. Details of the project will be announced at, where else, San Diego.

While we’re not familiar with Yoshiki’s career, based on the photos we found, it appears that Lee and McFarlane may be embarking on their first yaoi project. Which would be fantastic.

Before you pass over the boilerplate PR, it points out a couple of things: Panels will be held at the Hilton Bayfront from Thursday on (we recall they started Friday last year); and also POW! Entertainment is still in existence and making Stan Lee available for pacting, which has got to be a full-time job for about 20 people at this point.


Stan Lee, Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment (OTCQB: POWN), music superstar and humanitarian Yoshiki, and world renowned comic book artist Todd McFarlane will unveil the debut issue of the highly anticipated comic book series Blood Red Dragon at Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 21, 2011. “Lee, McFarlane and Yoshiki, on whom the comic’s central superhero is based, will present the first installment of Blood Red Dragon, which features a surprise and first-of-its-kind publishing innovation that combines the unique skills of these three world-renowned artists. Lee, McFarlane, and Yoshiki will join established and respected comic book writer Jon Goff in a panel discussion at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel in the Indigo room on Thursday, July 21st from 1pm-2pm.

Blood Red Dragon Issue #0, the first in the series published by Todd McFarlane Productions, focuses on the origin of an ancient and benevolent force, locked in an epic battle with the dark armies of Oblivion. Creative expression and destiny collide, as once in a generation an individual is born with the potential to unlock the awesome might of the Blood Red Dragon, thus channeling a power beyond comprehension and assuming the mantle of Earth’s protector. When agents of Oblivion discover that the key to accessing the Blood Red Dragon’s energy lays in music’the melodic heart of the human spirit, they launch a series of violent attacks on musicians across the globe. “As he performs in front of a large crowd during the opening show of a massive world tour, drummer and keyboardist Yoshiki comes face-to-face with his destiny, experiencing a transformation that will forever change his life”and possibly the fate of the world.

“I am extremely excited about Blood Red Dragon,” said Lee. “Yoshiki’s exceptional musical abilities, visual flair and passionate humanitarianism make him an amazing and inspiring collaborator and I think readers will experience every bit of that in the comics.”

Added Yoshiki, “Working with the one-and-only Stan Lee has been an incredible experience for me. He is truly a genius and one of the best storytellers living today. I”m excited with the results of our efforts and look forward to the response from readers and music lovers around the world.”

“Being able to collaborate with creators on a global level is always a thrill,” said McFarlane. “”Working with two big names, like Yoshiki and Stan Lee, I hope I”m able to add a little bit of my touch to a book that my, Stan’s, but most importantly Yoshiki’s fans will enjoy. “At the same time, I hope this book helps introduce Yoshiki to fans that don’t know him on American shores.”


  1. Oh Japan and your crazy effeminate rock stars that make David Bowie seem butch as hell.

    Then again I followed Malice Mizer for a bit and one of the four guys on that one always depicted himself as a woman. As opposed to the others who only did that occasionally. As for this guy, I only vaguely knew of his group X Japan. Though they were in the same crazy visual kei rock sub genre. (Think if Japan took glam rock and ran with it.)

    I have to wonder how some American critics and conservative pundits / nitwits who complain about Lady Gaga would react to these acts from the last two decades in Japan.