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Here’s Ad House’s activity list:

AdHouse Tables W36 & W37.


Joshua Cotter concludes his Skyscrapers Opus with SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST #4.

Fred Chao attends his first Expo ever in support of JOHNNY HIRO.

Jamie Tanner is out to support THE AVIARY.

Look for Joey Weiser and his all-ages book THE RIDE HOME and J Chris Campbell and his respective ZIGZAG #2 at their own locations.

miss E. Lany:
– Limited PROCESS RECESS 2 and PULPHOPE books (only bringing a few, so get there early if you a wanting)
– Signed James Jean BEGUILING posters.
– One copy of Project: Telstar (I traded with Dave at Baltimore).
– If you purchase SKYSCRAPERS 2-4, you’ll get a FREE S&N print of ACT OF MERCY.
– And the 5th anniversary AdHouse pin.

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