Since the Beat has been covering  comics for nearly 10 years, one thing that I’ve long thought was missing from the site, was…COMICS. In an effort to change that today we’re starting a new program called “Spotlight Cartoonist” where, hopefully every month we’ll spotlight a different cartoonist with daily strips. There will be a tipjar should you feel inclined to give said cartoonist some financial incentive. (Although technical difficulties prevented today’s tipjar.)

We kick things off with Connie Sun aka Connie Wonnie, whose daily journal comics can be found at her website. Although Sun considers herself a part-time cartoonist who is still learning her craft, her strips display the timing and insight of people who have been doing this for years. In short, I suspect Sun will be going places.

Although her comics deal a lot with the Asian-American experience they are mostly so universal in their by turns hopeful ,disappointed and resilient outlook, I think just about everyone will find an emotion to identify with here. We’ll be posting a new strip here every day at 5 pm.


11-4-drawing asian daughter w500 v2



Connie Sun is a NYC-based cartoonist who works in higher education by day. Her hair is prototypically in a bun and she cartoons daily, Monday-Friday at You can follow her on TwitterFacebook, or Tumblr: @dearconnie


  1. Well, this is depressing. I just found Connie a few months ago and she was going to be my personal super-secret comics delight, but thanks to you EVERYONE knows about her now.

    I guess I’m OK with that.

  2. Thank you! This is an awesome feature and some great comics…maybe I shouldn’t be reading all of these at work though…..

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