Meanwhile Marvel is colluding with EW to reveal a new version of Venom and fill in future Spider-Man storylines.

There comes a time when even a storied supervillain needs a do-over, and that moment has arrived for Spider-Man arch-nemesis Venom. Well, sorta. The extraterrestrial symbiote — which most famously glommed onto embittered Spider-friend Eddie Brock — is classically depicted as a onyx-colored, cuspated shape-shifter. But Marvel decided the dude needed to lighten up, so they created an additional symbiote as a visual foil to their old standby: Here’s your first glimpse at the new, angelically hued…Anti-Venom.

Truly the day that the comics industry gets both the NY Daily News and EW to reveal their superhero spoilers shows there are no boundaries anymore. NO BOUNDARIES.

Illo above by John Romita Jr. who, come to think of it, still nails that classic superhero look in a way an old timer like The Beat finds very pleasant.


  1. Looks kinda demonic to be a good guy. And if this is part of Brand New Day, does it really exist?

    However, the story possibilities are endless. Start with the classic Romeo & Juliet romance. They mate, and the unnatural offspring could then bond with a chaismatic televangelist.

    Or, if you pursue the color scheme (black, red, white), there might be other hues out there.

    And what if a symbiote bonded with a Skrull? Or the Skrull invaded the Symbiote world? Or Galactus visited?

    Or the symbiote could bond with Aunt May and she could become AUNTIE VENOM! (Paging Patrick Dennis!) Or with Millie Collins, who uses the shape changing properties to become the darling of the Fashion District!

  2. I remember when Venom first appeared. I might even have the issue. I definitely remember Eddie Brock pumping iron in the sewers before the symbiote really got his mad on.
    Venom is an “old standby”?
    Doc Ock is an old standby. Okay. But if Venom is…
    am I old?

  3. I betcha they switch it back to black eventually. There’s a lot of merchandising tied up in that black Venom outfit!

  4. ***An Open Letter to Marvel***

    Please let I, Patrick Dean, write a mini-series with this new charatcer. I will call it “HONKY VENOM: Let’s Rock” and I want Sean Phillips to draw it. Also, please review my earlier draft I sent you, “Gambit; Dickin’ USA”, where Gambit has sexcapades across the country.

    Thank you for your time.

    Patrick Dean

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