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Spidey teams with Bloomberg for jobs


Best headline ever!

In the proud tradition of Superman fighting landmines and other great didactic comics of the past, Marvel and the Mayor’s Office of NYC have teamed for a comic book teaching New Yorkers about resources available for their job hunts. “Spider-Man, You’re Hired” “features an unemployed Peter Parker starting his job search, is the Administration’s latest effort to connect out-of-work to New Yorkers to job training and placement services.”

Since Spidey works for a newspaper it’s very likely he’d be outsourced or downsized or whatever they’re calling it.

The program was announced this morning at a press conference at the new downtown Midtown Comics location. (Yes that is an oxymoron.)

Luckily this is the original Spider-Man, not the Ultimate one, or the story would be called “Spider-Man, You’re Dead!”

  1. Mayor Bloomberg is hiring?

    Well, he just hired Cathy Black (of Hearst Magazines/Park Avenue Socialite/CocaCola Board of Directors member) to run the New York City School system.

    Maybe he can hired Spider-Man to run the MTA.

  2. I think this is terrific. I’m amazed how many people don’t know about NYC’s job training services. I didn’t until my last period of unemployment (the first half of 2008), and I was quite impressed with Workforce1. I went to the Manhattan center in Harlem, and they couldn’t have been friendlier or more helpful. They even made multiple follow-up calls, which were almost like interviews, to make sure everything was okay. I didn’t happen to get my current job through them, but I had nothing but positive experiences with the service.

  3. Actually, it was Batman with the land mines. (And Batman is so bad-ass hardcore, he actually convinced the Virginia state legislature to pass a law limiting gun purchases to once-a-month.)

    The best didactic Spider-Man comic?
    The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Prodigy.
    Runner up is the Spider-Man and Power Pack child abuse PSA, which ret-conned Peter Parker’s family tree.

  4. Torsten,
    How could you miss Captain America Vs the Asthma Monsters? Where we learn that young Steve Rogers suffered from Asthma as a boy and still keeps an inhaler in his belt buckle as Cap. (Even though with the whole Super Soldier thing he shouldn’t need it any more, but it did come in handy when a bunch of aliens were trying to give everyone on earth an asthma attack as part of their invasion plan). Why Hollywood isn’t using this comic as the basis of the Cap movie is beyond me.

  5. crazy! I was just at that location this morning getting my comics, then, when I got home a few hours ago, I caught a newscast, Ch.4 that had the Mayor being interviewed with all the spidey comics clearly behind him.

    You can’t buy that kind of publicity!! :) Or can you? O.o

  6. So are Peter and MJ still married in this story? I hear the recession has caused a lot of couples considering divorce to stay together for economic reasons, since it’s harder to survive on just one income nowadays. They’re more motivated to work out their marital problems than to strike out on their own, even if the devil offers them what sounds like a good deal.

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