When this Spider-Men teaser campaign began from Marvel, everyone was all, What can it be? Now it’s looking like a Spider-Man/Ultimate Spider-Man x-over.

There are worse things in the world.

SPIDER-MEN #1 (APR120603)


  1. Hope someone can dig up the appropriate historical quote from Joe Q. about the possibility of a Marvel U/Ultimate U crossover.

  2. Scratchie, if its an opportunity to make Marvel some buck$, the PTB will even dig Uncle Ben back up if it’ll boost sales.

  3. Whenever Joe Q made such a statement, it was presumably long enough ago that you can’t seriously still hold him to it.

  4. @Glenn, yes and no. My recollection jibes with this person’s (from http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=465374&page=7)

    “I vaguely recall a quote by Quesada that the day that 616 and Ultimate crossover is the day the House of Ideas ran out of ideas.”

    It was an extremely definitive statement, not like “We have no plans to ever do so”, but more like “Doing so would be an admission of total creative bankruptcy.”

    In the few minutes available to me, I’ve found lots of recollections of the original statement, and an apparently reiteration, although not the original quotation itself.

  5. I remember Quesada and others making similar statements. Some of them (not all) mentioned that MU Spidey meeting Ultimate Spidey was not that interesting, since they were, essentially, the same dude. But now that it would mean Miles meeting Peter? Might make more sense. That said, it seems a little early in MIles’ career for this.

    I would have thought they might cancel the other two ultimate books and try to fold MIles into the MU (since the other two aren’t selling well), but they just announced new creative teams for those.

    I wonder if they would actually try to introduce a regular MU version of MIles (while keeping Ultimate intact), to have their cake and eat it too?

  6. My recollection is, from using the crack-like Marvel Universe Connections


    that it was possible to build a linkage from Spider-Man#616 to Spider-Man#1610, or at least that particular universe. I believe it was via the Fantastic Four, or Marvel Zombies. (The Exiles are another nexus for multiverses.)


    Ah, I was right twice. Marvel Zombies trick Ultimate Reed Richards. Is this canon? I suppose so, considering Zombie Deadpool floating (hyuck hyuck) around.

  7. As someone who just got caught up on the regular Spider-Man series, I really hope that this isn’t a crossover with USM. Spider-Man has never been better now they’ve handed the book over to Dan Slott and his rotation of artists. And from what I can tell, people are loving Miles in USM right now as well. Crossing them both over at this point seems ridiculously unnecessary, especially when I thought the whole point of the Ultimate universe was to be completely separated from the regular Marvel universe. It’s in my experience that I’ve never read a crossover that wasn’t just an unnecessary complication and a desperate grab for more readers to pick up either title. This move might be signalling that Marvel have officially ran out of ideas, but Dan Slott sure doesn’t seem to be. So just leave all the Spidey work to him, and keep USM the hell away from everything like it’s meant to be.